June Newsletter
   September 30, 2011         |    Santa Barbara, California

Cracked Screen

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Solid States of Being
Howdy, Mac Users!  Today I want to share with you some exciting news about Solid State Drives and why they’re so cool, even though they’re more expensive.

The difference between solid state hard drives and regular hard drives is---

“Seriously?  That’s going to be the topic of your September newsletter?,” my wife intones over my shoulder with raised eyebrow.  I type away, increasingly less confident...

“You don’t like it.”

“No, I love it.  It’s just triggering my narcolepsy.”

My wife grew up in England, the country with a nearly invisible line between sarcasm and truth.  One has to be very sharp not to miss a joke by mistaking it for truth.  This is especially true if you’re an American who assumes we speak the same language.

“So you're bored.  Give me a few more sentences and I’ll captivate you with my comparisons of the mechanics of a regular drive with moving parts versus the speed of solid state drives and how cool, quiet and fast they----”

“Zzzzzzzzz.  Oh, sorry!  What were you saying?”

“That dull?,” I asked.

“Couldn’t cut butter.  Talk about the new iPhone 5 that’s coming out in just a few days.  That’s interesting.  I think I want one. When can I get one?  Will Apple send us one for free?”

“No.  Apple charges for air.  They don’t do anything for free.  And nobody really knows much about the new iPhone except that the very bright Apple engineers testing it are officially predestined to get drunk and stupid, and leave prototypes in bars.”

“And the rumors?”

“Well, that’s all they are.  People just trying to create traffic to their blog or website.  Other than the Apple elite and a few hundred thousand trapped, stressed out Chinese workers assembling them, no one really knows.  It will probably be a little thinner, faster and have a marginally longer battery life.  By the way, iPhones and iPads all have solid state drives in them,” I added.

Just call me Mr. Segue.

“Wow, you’re really stuck on that.”

“Because it’s a big deal.  It’s why these devices with much slower processors seem as fast as computers for some things and their battery life is 3-5 times the best MacBook Pro.”

“So why aren’t they in all laptops?,”  she asked.

“Because they’re 3-5 times more expensive than the ones with spinning platters.  See, the old style of hard drive is like an old fashioned record player.  It has a spinning disc and a little arm that swings back and forth across it reading and writing data.  Solid state drives have no moving parts so data moves at the speed of electricity, not the speed of mechanics.  So it’s much faster.”

“You really need to get out more if you think any of that made me feel glad to be alive.”

That’s sarcasm.  I’m pretty savvy to it after over a decade of exposure to her dry wit.

“Did you know that your new MacBook Air has an SSD in it?”

“It has a virus?!”

“Solid State Drive is an SSD,” I said.

“It sounds communicable.”

“Which is exactly why I wanted to talk about it!”  

Like a man walking into a hole he had just dug, I said this with far too much exaggerated mirth confirming my limited sense of humor.  She just rolled her eyes and continued.  

“So the SSD.  Is that why my MacBook Air starts up and wakes so quickly?”

“Exactly,” I said in an unusually self satisfied tone.

“So why should I care?”

“Ah, glad you asked!”

“‘Ah?’  Did you really just say ‘Ah?’”

I ignored that.

“Because in addition to being much faster, cooler, quieter and using less battery power, they’re also more reliable.  Fewer moving parts to break!”

“And that benefits a computer repair service, because?...”

“Um,...right.  Call me crazy, but I just want our clients to have the very best experience they can.  Plus we sell the best, most reliable Solid State Drives too and of course hope they’ll buy from us.  Besides, having happy clients is always good for business.”

“You sound like a bad TV commercial.  Okay, I get why SSDs are cool, but when can we order me that new iPhone?”

[Sigh.]  I dare not even allude to the newsletter I was going to write on the miniaturization of logic boards and what to do when capacitors start to fail.

We're here when you need us,