March 24 2016
Trends in Sustainable and Responsible Investing

For as long as we have been in business, Milestone Financial Advisors has promoted values-based investment strategies where appropriate for interested clients. Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) provides a multitude of opportunities for consumers to fine tune their portfolios in accordance with their values, without sacrificing expected return.

Over the past few years, the three primary areas which have emerged within SRI are Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations. These are the factors which best allow investors and asset managers to quantify the environmental or ethical impact of an investment in a particular industry, business or company.

As SRI continues to gather market share within the investment community, I will periodically distribute information which clients may find useful. (Currently, one out of every six dollars under professional management in the United States is invested in SRI strategies.)
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From Parnassus Funds:
Corporate Social Responsibility

One of our early partners in providing SRI products to clients, San Francisco-based Parnassus Funds periodically distributes updates on the principals and performance of its portfolios. The following brief outline of Corporate Social Responsibility provides a primer on factors under consideration by the managers of each of their mutual funds.

From Dimensional Fund Advisors:
Sustainability Investing

The following from the Dimenstional Fund Advisors website briefly explores Dimensional’s approach to sustainability investing, and presents evidence that the approach can be effective in targeting companies considered to be acting in more environmentally responsible ways, while maintaining a focus on higher expected returns.
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