Leaders and Ledgers
A Monthly Newsletter for Church Administrators in The Missouri District
March 2013
Volume 4, Number 3

Concordia Plan Services Pre-Retirement Workshop

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   A Personal Note

Being a leader is not always easy. Someone elected for a leadership position might at first see the position as an honor, but as time marches on he/she may begin to feel a burden. Even the apostle Paul felt a burden in his leadership role. It is important for a congregation’s leaders to keep an eye on each other and to lift each other up. Everyone needs encouragement sometime.

I encourage you to watch out for each other and look for opportunities to say a kind word or listen to the frustrations of those elected to carry out the work of the congregation.

May the Lord bless you during this Holy week.


Upcoming Events:

April 5-7, 2013: Spring Junior High Retreat, Windermere
April 27, 2013: Pre-Retirement Workshop, District Office
May 4, 2013: Pre-Retirement Workshop, Redeemer, Springfield
May 11, 2013: Pre-Retirement Workshop, Timothy, Blue Springs (South Campus)
July 20-25, 2013: Synod Convention, St. Louis
July 29-30, 2013: LYF Training Retreat, Windermere
October 13-15, 2013: District Pastors’ Conference - Inn at Grand Glaize, Osage Beach
October 18-20, 2013: Fall Jr. High Retreat, Windermere

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Tax and Accounting Issues

The Congregational Treasurers Manual has a chapter about “financial review.” http://www.lcms.org/Document.fdoc?src=lcm&id=1137

I often recommend that a congregation do such a review every year. If for some reason your congregation does not do such a review of financial records, I recommend that you at least take a look at this tool. This chapter covers many topics you might not even think about that should be addressed by your congregation. Some of these topics include:

  • ~  Listing all accounts owned by the congregation and who the signers are
  • ~  Location of important documents
  • ~  Insurance coverage and policy dates
  • ~  Compliance with several reporting laws (this may be a way to learn about laws which you did not know exist)
  • ~  What policies are in place regarding aspects of the congregations life
  • ~  Inventory of computer hardware and software

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Property Issues

Is your church welcoming to new visitors? Becoming welcoming could become a part of a congregation’s strategic plan, because it impacts every facet of a congregation’s life. From a facility management perspective, there are many things that can be done to make your church welcoming. Consider the following:

  • ~  The impact and location of a cry room on everyone in worship.
  • ~  A well-marked facility, starting with the best entrance, continuing to the restrooms and even the sanctuary.
  • ~  Handicap-accessibility might prevent someone from even leaving their car.
  • ~  Interior lighting and freshly painted walls tell a story and leave impressions.
  • ~  Curb appeal: shrubbery, flowers, etc. – the little things say “we care.”

Each of the above items can have an impact on a visitor and may help them decide if they will return. It is easy to see how everyone in the congregation can play a role in bringing the Gospel to their community.

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Personnel and Legal Issues

Concordia Plan Services recently announced major changes to its retirement plan. These changes will impact all workers retiring after 6/30/2014. The changes will also require each congregation to weigh some options for assisting workers with their retirement savings.

One thing workers can do to help them understand the changes is to attend an upcoming Pre-Retirement Workshop. Concordia Plan Services and the Missouri District are hosting three 1-day workshops for professional church workers and their spouses, to help them understand the process and importance of planning for retirement. Click here for information

Schedule of Pre-Retirement Workshops:

April 27: Pre-Retirement Workshop at the district office
May 4: Pre-Retirement Workshop at Redeemer, Springfield
May 11: Pre-Retirement Workshop at Timothy, Blue Springs (South Campus)

For more information about these workshops click here:

To register for this workshop:
Call: Sue Thompson (Missouri District) at 314- 590-6217
Email: sue.thompson@mo.lcms.org

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Did you know? 


Did you know the Missouri District contributes to the financial support of six different campus ministry centers around Missouri?


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Stewardship Thought (from Stewardship Every Sunday)

Psalm 118:14-24

The message of Psalm 118 relates the Old Testament symbolic image that the “stone the builders rejected has become the capstone.” The Gospels use this image to symbolize the humility and death of our Savior, Jesus, becoming the foundation “stone” of our Christian faith. The Easter season is one of setting priorities, of reflecting upon the life, death, resurrection and “new life” of Christ. We can find great strength and joy in knowing that Jesus loved us enough to pay the ultimate sacrifice for our sinfulness. No further sacrifice needs to be made. We are now freed from “payback” service. We can live our lives using all the gifts God gives, freely giving and serving. There is no worry that God will someday demand something unexpected of us. His resurrection guarantees it.

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