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Good News!

There is now a Certificate Of Completion for those who are serious about shining up their armor, while on the front lines battling the corruption on Planet Earth.

This current training is titled the “Alpha-1” or First Level.

Here are the Alpha-1 Certification Requirements:

*Grid with Aulmauracite some place in your town (or someone else’s town) that you feel needs a good dose of “Truth & Justice.” Get a map and mark the places you set the grid stones, the date they were placed, why you chose that place.

*Attend all 5 Classes + the Intro Class.

*After attending each class, write a short (or long) essay telling what you learned in the class and how it will help you in your “Earth Mission.”

*When you have all your essays written, and your grid map complete, send those to me either by:
E-mail to:

OR snail mail to:
Mistyc House - 816 West Francis #244 – Spokane WA. 99009

*Send me your mailing address and how you want your name to read on the certificate.

*Once I have received and reviewed them, I will send you your certificate through snail mail with a complimentary signed copy of...
~The Knights Code~   

"Onward & Forward!    ~Lady Mistycah~

                    Knights in Training!


Our Intro Class: “Getting in touch with your Warrior Knight” is available for purchase on the Rise Multiversity site.

If you missed it, here is the link to obtain an archive/replay copy:

Class #1 Unplugging – The Key to Self-Empowerment!

Saturday March 7th,
at 2:00 Pacific -5:00 Eastern.
Tuition Fee $55.00 for this live class.

*Drop the Tissue
*Count Down to -0-
*Understand Suemahs and connect to them
*Center laser focus – Group lock launch blast!
*SYL & UYL protocol

NOTE: The entire series of 5 classes if paid in advance, is available at a discount price of $255.00 (If paid individually the cost is $275.00.)  You will also get a Free E-book with this package  - You can choose from any of my 3 books!

(If you have prepaid for all 5 classes, and can’t make it to one or more of them, an archive/replay copy will be given to you complimentary.)

All archive/replays of the classes can be purchased individually for $25.00 each through Rise Multiversity.

NOTE: (The proceeds from these classes will go to Rise to offset admin expenses and continue expanding their work, and also to Mistyc House to help get Kryahgenetics II printed and out to the public.)


*Read Kryahgenetics I.
*Read as much of the articles on as you can to help get you familiar with much of what is entailed in the Knights Training.
*Grid the place you will be at during the class with Aulmauracite Rocks.
*Start using the Aurauralite Pendant or Aulmauracite Rocks, and have them with you at the class.

(Here is a rundown of the entire 5-class series.)

Class #2 **Finding and removing/neutralizing Implants.

April 4th  - Tuition Fee $55.00

*Identifying organic, metallic, psychic, & AI implants

*Implant Removal – Chakras, Kundalini Snake(s), Astral body(ies)


Class #3 **Forced Agreement/Contract Voiding
& Spiral Ceremony

May 2nd - Tuition Fee $55.00

*Identifying and overturning all kinds of Forced Agreements and threats.

*Spiral Curse Reversal Ceremony Instruction


Class #4 ** Timeline Soul Retrieval Therapy session.

June 6th - Tuition Fee $55.00

* Soul Retrieval Journey - bring to this class issues you can’t seem to fix.


Class #5 **Energy/Psychic Debris Sweeping Training.

July 11th - Tuition Fee $55.00

*Learn how to get not just stresses, but debilitating psychic and other electromagnetic debris/goo off people. (You need to have a partner for this class to practice on – and yes, they get to come for free! :o)


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