The Latest News from Mistyc House
Hello to all of you Fun Friends of Mistyc House!

Lots of good news is emerging, and here are a few morsels that might help you maneuver through some of the dramas that may not seem like such good news at the present moment.

*First of all, a FW-Indigo from California sent me an amazing “gift” a few weeks ago, and I was about blown into another dimension when I saw what it was…(and you will too when you see it!) It was a DVD he created about the UV-Realm for First Wave Indigos to “Remember Who They Are.”  He let me upload it and post it for everyone to see! Here is a link to our YouTube Channel called RWSProductions55. (This 4 minute video is the second one on the list.)

*We are currently working on another project that will be an “ Implant Removal movie” which will take you through all the “ Implant Removal Protoco l   steps. This will be more like playing a video game than anything … and truly makes a game out of the grueling task of removing Implants & Imprints!  Hopefully if all goes well, this DVD will be available from Mistyc House the first part of March. We will keep you posted!

*We have also added some new interviews to our RWSProductins55 YouTube channel, and the one with Ryan from “The Secret Teachings” was one of the better ones from the Ghost Buster Gals. We talk about Animal Shove-Ins (yes, animal ghosts can shove into you, not just people ghosts!) and a plethora of Weird Sh*t.  It is the first one on the list posted just last week.

*Katharina Bless, one of our Mistyc House Supporters is from the Silver Dove Network and is an astrologer that uses the Sky View methodology.  She recently wrote an article on what’s coming up in this new Chinese New Year and how you can help speed up the demolition of the corruption that has been plaguing the planet for centuries. You will love this viewpoint!

More good news coming soon! :o)

You Are Now Entering Into.....

…Yes, it's time for some Humor to light up your day (or night ;o)    Here are some posts I shared recently on my FB page.

I'm lucky, I live out in the country where no one can hear me.... and I sing to my chickens and duckies every morning (whether they like it or not) and make up new words to old songs, like a spin-off of "Listen to the Band" by the Monkeys, and I sing, "Listen to the Ducks--Quack Quack –quack, quack, quack, quack, quack - Quack Quack –quick, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack....." <----Monkeys Video from the 60's
(You will remember them if you were around during the 60's ...or maybe  if your parents were into them.  Michael Nesmith made one of my all time favorite movies from the 80's, "Time Rider."  Check it out on netflix when you want to see a really interesting movie on time trave!  Here is a short trailer.)  


*Now, for more comic relief... if you have never seen some of these “true facts” videos, you are in for some off the wall education for sure!  Here is one of my favorites “True Facts about the Owl”


Have a Hal of a good Day!

       Laura Lee & Mistyc House (& Hal too...)

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