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We're  Baaaaaack!

Happy 2020 greetings to you!

This is a wonderful double-double digit year, and of course, it should make us “see” better, which could have some interesting implications in our “vision” now and in the future, just say’n. ;-)

Some awesome new things are brewing at Mistyc House. Here are the ones bubbling up and taking off!


*FINALLY, after years and years of trying to put this together, my wish for having a Knights Training on line is coming true after partnering with Rise Multiversity! Now people all over the world will be able to attend with no traveling expenses!

There will be an introductory class, and then 5 “get down to business” classes. ( Of course Hal had something to do with that number.   ;o)

The first introductory class is Sat Feb 1, 2020 at 5:00 Eastern.  All the classes will be on the first Saturday of every month except for July 4th and that will be the following Saturday.

For more information and full class descriptions click here:'s-code/KnightsTraining.htm

If you want to know how to get a ticket, click here.

*I have been in “get that book written and out to the public” mode, and Kryahgenetics II the sequel is taking form. Some of the information in this book was kind of classified until recently, and has just been cleared by Hal to print in this book. When you read it you will understand why.

Here are some chapter titles:

-The Ultima-17 “Badd Ass Egg”
-The Ghost Gangsta Crime Family
-Earth History & Guyah (yes that is spelled correctly)
-Fate & Other BS
-Magick Definition
-The REAL History Of Our Hologram
-How This Hologram Works
-Blood Thirsty Gods
-Suemahs… The Other Half Of Our Soul
-Incubus & Succubus, The Benevolent Heart & Soul Healers
-Our Allies & Protectors – Who They Are & What They Can Do
-Loops, Traps & Mind Games
-Implant Removal Instructions
-Spiral Curse Reversal Instructions
-Timeline Soul Retrieval
-Agency, The Top Of The MK-Ultra Food Chain

I’m hoping to have it ready for final editing in a couple of months. Here is an excerpt from the book that one of my editors sent to me as it touched her deeply:

“Moving forward from a death (whether it be human or animal or a relationship) does not mean we are abandoning loved ones, it means we are taking the good things we learned from them and making the world a better place! It means we are making a legacy from their life and using the experiences to empower ourselves and others.”

(This excerpt was actually taken from the Ghost Gangsta chapter!)

I will keep you posted on the progress of this book as it is coming to life and ready for printing!

Guess what, it's time for my favorite part of this newsletter…

You Are Now Entering Into.....

Now for the funnest (no that is not a word but it should be!) part of this newsletter that will help bring up your daily humor quota.

Have a Hal of a fun week and remember your sense of humor, don't leave home without it!   ;o)

Laura Lee Mistycah - Mistyc House & Hal