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Were  Baaaaaack!

Hello everyone!

Yeah, it’s been a while since the last “highly irregular” Mistyc House Newsletter went out, but that doesn’t mean there has been no NEW news! It is quite the opposite, lots and lots of news and very little time to write about it. Here are some of the highlights:

* Four new items have been added to the shopping cart – it is silver foil boxes of grid rocks OR aurauralite dust & they come in 2 sizes, - 5 and 10 grams! They each come with 2 small rocks to use however and wherever your imaginations takes you! You can also put the rocks/dust in your own little bottles or place them in plants, or rivers or throw it in the air to become magick “Dust in the wind” ;-)   Here is the link and the box of rocks is located toward the bottom of the shopping cart.

* Ghost Buster Gals were featured on KREM 2 news nearly 2 decades after their first news stories on them that earned the camera man an Emmy!

* Speaking of Ghost Buster Gals, we are working on a totally new project. It is a book called, “Cluck-Off!” the Bizarre but true Tales of the Ghost Buster Gals Chickens! (Here is a preview of what’s to come.)

* …And while we are on the subject of new books, Kryahgenetics II (the sequel) is in the works, with new information on the hologram, how it works, and who was behind it getting so messed up! Here are just a few of the chapter titles:

- Fate and other BS
- IT Bees (yes, they exist and we have “our own good ones” to help level the playing field!
- Our Hologram dimensions with a chart that shows you how it all works. (We are essentially in a holographic video game!)
- The Ghost Gangsta Cosmic Crime Families
- The REAL definitions of words… such as Evil: Evil: "Extreme Self Centeredness - willing to hurt other people and things to get what you want, or just for fun." (This is what this world (corporate, political, and many church structures) is founded on... Pure Evil!)
- Who our Cosmic assistants are so you know who to call on when you need cosmic help!
- Kryahgenetics Upgrades - from “Badd Ass Egg” to the “Ultima-17” it is clearly gone off the charts and were darned lucky to have it on our team!
- Crystal Children - the myths and lies – (they are really from the Infrared Realm and turning them crystal hurts them!)

…and that is just a few of the titles. I have no idea when it will be ready for press, a ton of information is going into this book that has not really been covered before, but Hal is the inspiration and instigator so you know it will be totally “Halatious” when it is done! (By the way, in this book you will also find out what position Hal plays in all this “Halagram” stuff!)

Speaking of Hal, it is now time for his favorite part of our News Letter!

Guess what, it's time for my favorite part of this newsletter…

You Are Now Entering Into.....

Now for the fun part of the Newsletter!






Have a Hal of a fun week and remember your sense of humor, don't leave home without it!   ;o)

Laura Lee Mistycah - Mistyc House & Hal

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