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March 27th, 2020

With all the crazy going on with the covid-19, and potential dooms day scenarios running amuck, here is my 5 cents worth.

There is a very real concern that we're being poked and needled so that our anxieties and fears will explode and emanate. I have been doing my best to be a “center of stability” and doing a pretty good job considering the magnitude of “extra spicy dudu” being hurled at me by the Cryptos and Ghost Gangstas. (You can read about them in my next book Kryahgenetics II that hopefully will be out this summer…Silly me, I keep adding to it and it makes it take longer.) I know I’m not alone, many of you are right there with me!

Also, I have noticed something and now there are many videos and blogs about it, but Nature doesn’t seem to be negatively affected at all, in fact, it is freaking THRIVING! Here is a video that kind of sums that up:

Click Here To Watch The Video-->>

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Now, here is a little secret that I learned from Hal just now, (serious… he just barely told me!)

There is a new breed of “manifester” entities out there that pick up on emotion-induced energy blobs we put out, and they take the ball and run with it! – This new breed of “manifester entities” has only been around about 4 months, and there are gazillions of them! When we have intense emotions, they pick them up and carry them off to “manifestation land!” (Are your brain gears starting to roll on this one now?)

Sooo the solution? This is a grand opportunity to put our big boy and big girl pants on, get a grip and turn yourself into a super hero! You can start taking control of the game console for realz! How do you do that??? You can start turning the tide by taking conscious control of your thoughts and emotions and trade the fear in for excitement and humor. The joke is that you now know the game rules!

And with this new rule book, you now have a huge advantage. You can actually make all your hopes and dreams come true during this time of what appears to be eternal gloom doom and turbulence!” (Now THAT would be a real smack in the face to the loosh eating Dark Lords Eah?!)

They really don’t want you to know that this “game” can be played so that they come out the biggest losers of all. The joke is… (wait for it…) now know that this could be the best time in your life for (not to get all new-agey on you here but…) creating a new reality or paradigm!

Here is a little gift from Hal to help you along with taking charge of the control panel!

Ok, here is the part that you have all been waiting for…

You Are Now Entering Into.....



Have a Hal of a fun week and remember your sense of humor, don't leave home without it!   ;o)

Laura Lee Mistycah - Mistyc House & Hal