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Greetings my friends!

Yes, this random news letter from Mistyc House has hit your mailbox once again. There are lots of fun newsworthy items to share today.

*I have been invited to be one of the teachers on Rise Omniversity!
Their website should be up and running soon. --

I’m putting together the curriculum now and  will be teaching these online classes in:

~Kryahgenetics Egg –The Badd Ass Egg and how to use it.
~Aulmauracite Rocks - The Stone of Truth and justice + Gridding for pros.
~Implant Removal Protocols - Background on the multitudes of implants & how to eliminate them. Chakras, Kundalini snake, and the ASStral body are good places to start.
~Muscle Response Testing – (L.L. Certified by the Muscle Response Institute) How to do finger testing and body organ scanning –
~Muscle Skeletal Balancing – This method can also be done remotely with great success!
~Electro Magnetic Debris Sweeping + Pressure point pain release - (Developed by LauraLee.)
~Ghost Busting 101- If you have the desire, you can do it when you use the Kryahgenetics Eggs!

*Ghost Buster Gals will be guests on Midnight in the Desert (Art Bells old show) with Shannon LeGro Tuesday May 14 at 9:00 PM Pacific time. Our show should be posted on their site today!

*Speaking of The Ghost Buster Gals, their new book “Cluck-Off” is coming along and here is a Sneak Preview of some of the chapter titles:

~Who we are and why we wrote this book.
~What the cluck is a factory farm? (Our first peek into the shocking horrors of evil factory farms.)
~Laura Lees Factory Farm Hens, from hell to the freaking fun farm.
~Ronnie comes to the rescue: her friend got 70 chickens instead of 10 turkeys.
~Laura Lee’s Rooster gets possessed.
~Hospice for our chicken friends.
~Laura Lee finds out Anamala was more than just a chicken!
~Ronnie’s Rotten Rooster… sometimes there is no shove-in, just an “Ass Roo” inside.
~Chickens (and ducks) are therapy animals!
~Ronnie does miracle Rx work and fixes prolapsed uterus…her hen even laid eggs after!
~Weird Sh*t – seriously, chickens poop had parasites wiggling, but lab
reported -0- parasites!

~Mega orbs flying around and hanging out with the chickens.

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Now for Hals contribution to our Newsletter. Get ready, you are about to enter….. The Hal Zone!

Guess what, it's time for my favorite part of this newsletter…

You Are Now Entering Into.....





Have a Hal of a fun week and remember your sense of humor, don't leave home without it!   ;o)

Laura Lee Mistycah - Mistyc House & Hal

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