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*First Things First:

Now we can all breathe a deep sigh of relief and once again use our electronic equipment with just "normal" breakdowns and interference, not the bizarre things that should not be happening! (at least that is how it works with me hahahahaa) …and our communication won't be totally misunderstood, like when you ask someone how they are dong and they think you are meddling in their private affairs kind of thing hahahaa.

*A new article was just posted a couple of weeks ago on the First Wave Indigo website, and I was almost afraid to send this e-mail because I got so trashed psychically for posting it and I needed a breather before I put it out on this letter and on social media. It is not a new concept for many of you, but a real stretch for the masses. The interesting thing about this article is that when I went to check the links, 3 of the 4 videos that I reference and have links to were gone…the error message said that it was “copyright infringement!” Well, I might could believe the clip from Star Trek, (which I found again from another youtube site and it even had a better intro!) ..but the others were videos of speaking engagements that if I remember right gave full credit to the speaker. The only one that was not taken down was a video blog by Dr Keli Coffee. I did find alternative sources for the other 3, but I thought it was more than a coincidence that they had been removed. Draw your own conclusions.
Here is the link to the nefarious article called “A Trick/Trap Of The Light”

*I was a guest on Katherine Buckalew’s show, “Truth Connections a few weeks ago, and I’d like to thank her for her hard work in putting together these shows, and also Vanessa for coming to our aid and doing the promo poster for it!
We cover a lot of ground on this one, so if you looking for that kind of show, heeeere you go!

*Some new updates were made on the Aurauralite web page. This is the story that I just posted on the scientific qualities page:

Protective Qualities

When doing research and development in making the pendants as sturdy as possible, I stomped on them, threw them on the sidewalk, and did all manner of things to try and crack or break them. I wanted to make SURE they were unbreakable! In the past 20 years that I have been working with Aurauralite, I have NEVER had a problem with them breaking, but did get a report that one of them broke in shipping…the strange thing was, no damage was done to the box, but inside the bottle had broken into several pieces! This has happened twice in 20 years that I am aware of, and it has ONLY happened to a First Wave Indigo.

Then a few months ago, I was making pendants and one fell on my very soft, spongy carpet and BROKE! I was just flabbergasted... this was virtually impossible! Then later that day as I was putting black cords on some bottles that I had filled and put in a wicker basket, I felt something sharp and at the bottom of the basket and discovered that 4 of the bottles had broken! I carefully took the other bottes out and examined them for any damage, they were fine…. But when I tried to piece the glass back together from the broken ones, some of the large glass pieces were missing! Also, about 2/3 of the dust that was in the bottles was missing too, the glass and the dust were just “poof’” gone! (I had the basket in a metal bowl so if any of the dust fell out it would have gone into the bowl…but there was hardly any in there when I lifted the basket up.)

My conclusion after checking out all possibilities, and then finally communicating with the rock was this. I had been under severe psychic attack for days because of some things that I had written on my website and some other psychic work I was doing to help clean the corruption here on this planet . What I discovered brought me to tears. This amazing comrade/friend called Aurauralite, had very literally “taken the bullet for me” and the energetic assaults that could actually have done me in, were rerouted to the pendants and they took the hits for me, shattering the glass but doing no real damage. I owe them my life many times over; as this is about the 18th time I am aware of, that they have saved my body from mortal wounding and death.


Guess what, it's time for my favorite part of this newsletter…

You Are Now Entering Into.....

Here is some funky humor to start your week out right!

Have a Hal of a fun weekend and remember your sense of humor, don't leave home without it!   ;o)

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