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Greetings Mistyc House Friends/Family!

Since our last Newsletter I have gotten out of my cast, put my crutches in storage to be recycled as maybe a frame for a chicken gate or some such thing, and I’m walking almost normal now! Thanks for all the “well wishes” they were much appreciated.

Gosh, what a summer eah? We had the worst fire season in history here in WA. State and were on constant fire alert with  an average of 12-15 new brush/forest fires breaking out in our area every single day! Since we live in the woods, I was glued to the local internet news feeds and there were some pretty close calls in our neighborhood. (Being confined to crutches made me particularly nervous…our gravel driveway is a half a block long and if I was left alone with no car, I often wondered how I would manage getting the animals out of their pens and getting myself out too!) I’m glad it’s cooler now and we FINALLY got some rain!

Well, on a similar note, it looks like we all made it through the multitudes of horror scenarios in September. Congratulations!

I Posted this on my FB page….I think we can all relate to it!

Now for some News Updates:

*This past month of October has been a real challenge, as 2 of my best friends left this earth plane. The story has some very inspiring endings and will make you feel like shining up your armor and getting back on the front lines again! You can read this saga at the end of the “Little Roo Hercules” article entitled “Anamala” and “Lattice.”

*Ghost Buster Gals were one several shows this month. We have one of those posted (Interview with Bob Bain from “The Far Side Radio”) and hope to get the rest up this week! We covered a lot of ground in that interview with lots of fascinating and bizarre stories!

Here is our Ghost Buster Gals youtube channel Link:

*The website has been spiffed up a bit and it is easier to navigate…check it out.

*Some new products have been placed on our Café Press shop…come and visit!

(One of my all-time favorite things I have purchased from there was my fuzzy Kryahgenetics Blanket…I just LOVE laying on it or wrapping myself up in it….it is the ultimate for feeling protected, warm and cozy!) Soon it will be available (hopefully this week) not just in black and white… but purple!

Guess what, it's time for my favorite part of this newsletter…

You Are Now Entering Into.....

For all of you who feel the same way I do about daylight savings time (that it is a total attempt to mess with our heads, and screw up our internal clocks twice a year. It has NOTHING to do with farmers, they go by the rhythms of nature and the sun, NOT the clock!)

Here are some of Hals picks for the topic.

And you're going to love this movie trailer….

Have a Hal-of-a fun season as we head toward the solstice, or mid-winter…(just FYI Sunset Oct. 31 - Sunset Nov. 1st…the REAL Halloween/Samhain marks the beginning of Winter…NOT the middle of autumn as we have been taught!)

       Laura Lee & Mistyc House (& Hal too...)

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