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Hello Everyone! 

We are trying a new newsletter service, and it may take a few tries till we get all the bugs worked out.  We got locked out of the other one but had a backup of all your e-mails.  If you have unsubscribed and you get this one, please don’t get mad, just unsubscribe again. 

Lots of action going on these days (in case you missed all the crazy energies)…. I mean… "fun" and it is important to use all the methods you can think of not to get caught up in the drama or “gloom & doom” that we are being constantly inundated with.  It seems that the A.I. has stepped up its game recently to try and control our moods and reactions …which means of course, that we must be making huge headway!  

Ghost Buster Gals Halloween Radio Shows!

*Friday Oct. 3rd 7:00 PM     Pacific Time
  The Farside with Bob Bain

*Dark Matter Radio - Halloween Special - (More Info coming soon!)

Got Ghosts???
The Bizarre But True Tales of The Ghost Buster Gals

Now on Kindle, Apple, Nook, eBerry,  Kobo, Sony ,Google Play  and other reader devices! Check your local book stores or Amazon for a version that suits you best!

What a great way to say, "Happy Halloween" to friends and family..... This book brings humor to subjects that scare the Hal out of people!  It is the perfect gift for the season!

The Book Kryahgenetics
is making its way into the lives, hearts and souls of many readers and we have been getting excellent feedback. I am now in the beginning stages of a sequel...(yeah, I think I'm a bit crazy for attempting this project too, as I'm still getting backlash for putting out the first one! ;o)

If you have not see our video and web page, here it is again


And now, as is custom on these NewsLetters, here is some humor to brighten your day!

Just in case you were wondering.... Many of you men out there were doing it Waaaaay Wrong!  ;o)

Remember your sense of humor...
  ...don't leave home without it!

~Laura Lee Mistycah~  & Hal

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