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Hello everyone!

Here is your very “irregular” newsletter from Mistyc House, it will always takes you by surprise when you get one!

*First order of news. I have been invited to be a guest on OYM Radio with Alan James & Steve George from the UK.
Sunday September 10th at 6:45 PM GMT+1 - - 10:45 AM Pacific Time
The topic of discussion will be…. (drum roll) Weird Sh*t! My Favorite! Come and join us, I’d love to have you there and apparently you can send them questions for the guests on this show.

*Speaking of Weird Sh*t….I am working on a new article that I am sure will put me under as much cross fire as the Chakra and AI articles I released 10 years ago. This one deals with “the Crystal Children” and a hidden agenda to intensely “crystalize” the younger generation, which makes them more vulnerable to external/energetic surveillance and control. These kids also pick up psychic debris and it drives them (and their parents) bonkers! They can also be easily controlled and manipulated once crystalized inside and out. This imposed crystallization system, like the chakras, is NOT their authentic state and when the article comes out you will see what it is, why these kids are so important and why there is so much focus on taking control of them! For those who are NOT Crystal children, you are not off the hook either, as you also have been crystalized, but just not as bad as them. Anything inside your body that crystalizes, stops blood and nerve flow, which makes you sick and deteriorating.

*Another article I have in the works has to do with keeping all the hard clean-up work you do on yourself permanent! It seems like we just get something all cleaned up and are feeling good and then BAM, some bugger finds a way to put it all back again (or at least some of it) and we are back to square 1! What we have discovered is that after we remove an implant/imprint, clear debris, etc. we need to do something to make sure no one or nothing can put it back! This has been an issue we have been plagued with for years and finally have a solution that really works…which is to “Lock and Seal it.” I have been locking and sealing for years but NOT the way that was just discovered. Each of us have our own personal “seal” symbol/geometry and this article will help you understand how to find it and use it!

We are still doing research and development on how to clean up the crystals and also how to use the seals. We want to “test drive it” before we put it out to all of you to make sure there are no bugs in the system and we have the best protocol available to fix it.

Guess what, it's time for my favorite part of this newsletter…

You Are Now Entering Into.....

Now for the fun part of the Newsletter!

Many of you know that I have a little chicken/duck rescue farm, and I have been called among other things, “a crazy chicken lady” which I am quite proud of. I even have a sign on my front gate that says, “This property patrolled by crazy chicken lady!” I have collected a stash of chicken jokes and memes I will share some with you now.

The first one I just shared on my FB page and I headlined it:
Ohhhhh Whewwwww....what a relief...I thought I had something terminal at first.



Have a Hal of a fun week and remember your sense of humor, don't leave home without it!   ;o)

Laura Lee Mistycah - Mistyc House & Hal

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