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Angelica Root: Heaven-sent Rarity

After three years waiting we have finally been blessed with this treasure. The oil of Angelica Root (Angelica archangelica) is one of the most special oils in aromatherapy both for fragrance as well as therapeutic effects. The whole plant is celebrated in many forms of herbalism, while aromatherapy values the oil unique for its content of a sesquiterpenoid macrocyclic lactone. With exalting fragrance characteristics bringing to mind components in animal musk, it is no wonder this oil is a base component in classic Chypre fragrance construction.

The Site: Temperate Europe

Angelica archangelica is cultivated in many places around Europe, such as Germany, Belgium, Holland and Hungary, due to its historical place in monastic medicine. Saint Hildegard von Bingen, respected early naturalist of the middle ages, describes it as an important bitter used for many different conditions.


Distillation of this type of Angelica is not a common practice. To receive a high quality complex oil, roots are traditionally only taken in their third year after the biennial has completed its life cycle.

Angelica Root

Therapeutic Properties

The most pronounced effects of Angelica Root essential oil stem from an ability to bring balance to the nervous system as a calming and relaxing sedative. It is most helpful with addictions, night terrors, insomnia and anxiety. It eases neurological dystonia, heart palpitations, asthma, aggression and anger.


When it comes to its more ethereal benefits it is impossible to ignore the archangel in its botanical name. Individuals using just a bit of Angelica Root essential oil emerge peaceful and serene, with balanced ideas allowing for good decisions. It strengthens one’s will and protects from one’s own demons and passions that are otherwise too powerful.

#168 Angelica Root

Our Angelica is cultivated according to strict Demeter standards by our good friend Bernhard in the beautiful agricultural lands north of Munich. After harvesting the roots are distilled right there on his farm. Considering the lengthy production process and the extreme quality of the distillation, this oil is among the most precious we offer. We feel the beauty and quality captured in this gift of nature combined with the utmost attention to detail by its producers make it worth every penny of this expensive rarity. Angelica archangelica essential oil is one of our most celebrated bio authentic originals from Bavaria.

Rare Discount on Angelica Root

This precious oil is available in limited quantities only. We are pleased to offer a special discount of 15% on this rare shipment of Angelica Root essential oil. Discount available November 4th through November 8th, 2021.
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