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Black Pine from Corsica: Precious Decongestant

Diversity of flora in Corsica delivers to us another rare essential oil necessary in these times. The Corsican Black Pine (Pinus nigra subsp. laricio), native only to this beautiful French island, enjoys the same ancestral knowledge of its people and the organic agriculture protections as does our Helichrysum, Myrtle, and Rosemary.

Though a subspecies of Black Pine, this tree is easily recognizable due to its broad, umbel-shaped crown of slightly curved needles. Its taxonomic designation Pinus nigra reflects the dark gray of its bark. 

Black Pine Umbel

The Site: Corsica

This distillation is a rarity as it only comes from Corsica. Captivating and magical in its fragrance, the oil is similar to the European Pinus mugo, but has its own unique character. The high concentration of the sesquiterpene larichiol within this Black Pine may be responsible for its powerful decongestant qualities.


Renowned for their high quality, Corsican Essential Oils are produced in a responsible and sustainable way through a precisely regulated harvest. It is no wonder that the original oils described in the foundational texts of French Style aromatherapy were found distilled in Corsica.

Therapeutic Properties

Pinus nigra subsp. laricio is a powerful multipurpose antiseptic. It is a tonic and stimulant, but most importantly works as an effective decongestant for the respiratory and lymphatic system. Therefore, this Black Pine is indicated for sinusitis, bronchitis and catarrh, as well as being uniquely valued as a decongestant for the prostate. Efficacy addressing such conditions is further supported by its fragrant beauty known to be uplifting during times of ill-being. Use this topically for congestive prostatitis, especially when blended with Mastick, Moroccan Chamomile and a little bit of Helichrysum.

#4013 Black Pine

Pinus nigra subsp. laricio is yet another rarity from the origins of aromatherapy as offered by our legendary Corsican distillers. The oil is not commonly available and distilled only in limited quantities. It is another bioauthentic original from Corsica.

Extracts and oils of Pinus nigra subsp. laricio have a history of use in Europe to treat or prevent sun damage to the skin. It is also described by Penoel and Franchomme in  l'aromatherapie exactement as a respiratory, lymphatic and prostate decongestant. These decongestant qualities are most effectively utilized after acute processes to free passages from mucus or phlegm.

Special Discounts on Black Pine from Corsica

This precious oil is available in limited quantities only. We are pleased to offer a special discount of 15% on this rare shipment of Corsican Black Pine. Discount available October 22nd through October 25th, 2021.
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