Historical sites abound in Sri Lanka with its 3000 years of recorded history.
Pictured above is the Reclining Buddha in the caves of Dambulla. 

Special Discount on Cardamom Essential Oil

Exotic and precious, Cardamom is one of the most difficult spices to harvest. We are fortunate to have a fresh delivery of organic Cardamom Essential Oil and are pleased to offer a 15% discount on Cardamom essential oil from 3/04/21 through 3/08/21.

Cardamom: Digestive Relief, Balance and Relaxation

In the 16th century, when the prices of spices were astronomical Cardamom was among the costliest. A handful of pods cost the equivalent of a poor man’s annual pay. Europeans gladly paid dearly to possess its unique aroma and special medicinal value. Though popular throughout Europe from the Mediterranean to the Nordic countries, Cardamom remains a star player in the traditional medicines of the East, where it became recommended for heart disease, respiratory ailments including asthma and all forms of digestive issues.

Therapeutic Properties

The main sphere of activity of Cardamom is the digestive tract. Cramps and other digestive conditions are swept away by Cardamom. It specifically rebalances autonomic nervous system dystonia brought on by daily stress. According to contemporary research Cardamom may help to lower blood pressure and to prevent colon cancer.

Studies show that cineole in Cardamom can stop alcohol or aspirin induced stomach ulcers, ease severe asthma, help to clear up sinus infections and help to prevent blood clots. Summing up all these benefits and studies suggests that Cardamom is probably not a stand alone treatment for colon cancer, but one of the oils where the non-specific benefits are the most relevant. When we use Cardamom we derive any number of advantages without necessarily being aware of every distinct therapeutic effect. Cardamom keeps you healthy.

A cardamom flower

The Site: Sri Lanka

Cardamom originates from Sri Lanka and Southern India. High quality Cardamom is also produced on a large scale in Guatemala. Most of the Cardamom from Central America goes to the Arab countries, where it is customary to flavor coffee with this spice.


Sri Lanka has long been known for the variety and quality of its spices. Typical crops include Cinnamon of Ceylon, Pepper, Cloves, Nutmeg and Ginger in addition to the Queen of Spices, Cardamom.


#759 Cardamom

Our Cardamom 759 is cultivated and distilled in the country of its origin: Sri Lanka. Its two main components are cineole and terpinyl acetate. The interplay of about 25 other main components produces the unique aroma. Of great interest is the number of laboratory studies which attribute a variety of beneficial effects to the oil beyond the well recognized properties aiding digestion. 

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Looking for Moroccan Chamomile?

Eagle-eyed readers of our Authenticity Bulletin know that we had every intention to feature Moroccan Chamomile this week. We are spending extra time exploring the characteristics of our lastest batch and learning how the supply shortages of previous years have influenced this essential oil.  

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