According to statistics about 70 million people in the USA have ongoing sleep problems. Continued sleep deprivation often leads to exhaustion, general weakness, inability to focus, depression and more. Pharmaceuticals can make things worse by creating dependencies, or by compromising our mental, emotional and physical stability.


A group of essential oils, high in monoterpene esters can be of tremendous help without side effects, without creating dependency or causing drowsiness. Our Deep Sleep blends facilitate falling and staying asleep by gently rebalancing the Nervous System to a healthy tonus and by retraining our bodies to let go of tension and clear worries and anxiety. Since the oils are very gentle they can be used generously on neck, shoulders, chest, solar plexus and under the feet. Some users have also reported success with ingesting them.


The beautiful soft and fruity fragrance of both blends are the first step to a deep relaxation. Both blends, regular and extra strength have several oils in common. The proportion of the very strong oils in the extra strength version through is considerably higher and the effect sets in faster and deeper. We recommend extra strength for persons who have severe and chronic sleeping disorders, or who are used to sleeping medication. In all other cases the regular strength should be sufficient.

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