Cultivation Site of our German Chamomile to the West of Munich

German Chamomile: The Classic Anti-inflammatory

The healing properties of German Chamomile have been understood and used for a long time before essential oils became available to the general public. Today the essential oil is in high demand as a component in many therapeutic, calming and ant-inflammatory synergies. To satisfy the demand, German Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) is cultivated around the globe; especially in Hungary, Bulgaria, Egypt, India and Nepal.

The Site: One of a Kind from Bavaria

Chamomile oils from around the world all have their benefits. However, these oils can be distilled from varying chemotypes with less than optimal composition. While Bisabolone and Bisabolol oxide types are useful, they have nowhere near the anti-inflammatory potency of the ( ) α Bisabolol type from Bavaria. Classic studies by O. Isaac and others have demonstrated that ( ) α Bisabolol is the most powerful anti-inflammatory component in German Chamomile, even more potent than the azure blue Chamazulene component. The fields shown above are the cultivation sites in Bavaria where our Chamomile is grown. It has astounding concentrations of ( ) α Bisabolol measuring between 20 and 40%.

Therapeutic Properties

Used topically German Chamomile is a powerful anti-inflammatory. It soothes gastric pain when a drop is consumed mixed within a cup of Chamomile or herbal tea. French literature says it eliminates metabolic waste during and after bacterial infection. Recent research credits it as a rare agent effective in the relief of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Essential Oil of German Chamomile is completely non-toxic and non-irritant, serving as a welcome agent universally applicable to reduce all sorts of inflammatory processes. Adding this German Chamomile oil to face and body blends is always beneficial.
#5 German Chamomile from Bavaria

Our German Chamomile oil is unique in being of the highly effective (-) α Bisabolol type. Bisabolol is a delicate sequiterpene which is oxidized as the plant ages and the resulting Bisabolol oxide or Bisabolone type essential oils from hotter climates are not as desirable. The authentic (-) α Bisabolol type from Bavaria, however, will display a broad pleiotropic effect that makes it one of the most valuable oils.

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