Harvesting in Balagne
Cultivated Helichrysum harvested on the east side of Corsica

Helichrysum italicum Corsica 2021: A Rare Original

Our highly anticipated allocation of the 2021 harvest of Corsican Helichrysum has finally arrived. This oil is from one of our favorite suppliers. It is so special and rare because it is from the first distillers to produce oils for the healing purposes of aromatherapy rather than fragrance markets in Grasse.


This oil is gathered wild from the hills in the Balagne area in the northwest of Corsica and collected from the same still which produced the oils used by Franchomme and Pènoël as they formulated their concepts and compiled their knowledge for l’aromatherapy exactement.


Helichrysum italicum Corsica is the original Helichrysum oil which laid the groundwork for its everlasting fame in aromatherapy.

The Site: Balagne

Helichrysum is a perennial that likes to have ample water and prefers areas that drain quickly. Hence, the classic places to gather it in the wild are hillsides, especially those found in Balagne.


Balagne is the region in the northwest part of the island Corsica. It is a very fertile region with many little inlets and small towns. It is known as the Orchard of Corsica.


Some oils distilled on the east side of Corsica are produced from both cultivated and wild plants.


Therapeutic Properties

According to French Style aromatherapy, Helichrysum italicum is a powerful fibrinolytic, meaning it prevents blood clots from developing and becoming problematic. French literature says it inhibits sclerosis and tissue degeneration. It is also a powerful anti-inflammatory. Its main areas of application are hematoma treatment and prevention, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as mental distress, shock and trauma.
4135 Helichrysum italicum Corsica


Helichrysum in Corsica is gathered in the wild or cultivated. Its composition is distinctly different from Helichrysum oils coming from Bosnia and Croatia. Corsican oils feature a high content of the ester neryl acetate (approximately 30 - 40%) and a lower concentration of italidione sesquiterpenes (often 6 - 8%). Bosnian oils display about 6- 8% neryl acetate and often over 20% diketones. The high ester content gives the Corsican oils their celebrated rounded fragrance. 

Special Discounts on Helichrysum italicum Corsica 2021

We are pleased to offer a special discount of 10% on our Helichrysum italicum Corsica oil. Discounts available July 30th through August 3rd, 2021. This oil is a rare original and only available as long as our limited supplies last.
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