This is the very copper still from which the emerald green Inula graveolens oil originates

Inula graveolens: Heart Health and Queen of Mucolytics

Two decades ago this oil mostly came from a single copper still in Corsica and fascinated everyone who saw it with its radiant emerald green color. Trace components in the essential oil appear to form complexes with the copper of the still imparting the verdant hue. As aromatherapy and its Corsican oils grew more popular, other distillers with modern stainless steel equipment began distilling this wild harvested annual plant resulting in oils of clear yellow color. Both types of oils share the same fragrance, composition and therapeutic properties. For all practical purposes, the green color seems to be, albeit impressive, an aesthetic aspect only.

The Site: Corsica

Inula graveolens is harvested and distilled mostly in Corsica. It is an annual plant that has so far escaped cultivation. There are years when the wild plant is not very abundant and distillers forgo harvesting.
Inula graveolens is a vivid reflection of how deeply the first pioneers of aromatherapy were connected to and influenced by the aromatic plants of Corsica. This is in no small part due to the fact that Corsican distillers were among the very first who distilled authentic oils for their medicinal value and not to serve the needs of the fragrance industry in Grasse.

Therapeutic Properties

Inula graveolens is spectacularly effective in ridding the lungs of excess mucous, be it caused by chronic bronchitis or cystic fibrosis. Inula also helps to eliminate pathogenic pollutants that have been inhaled such as smoke, dust and flour. The oil derives its properties from an unusual mix of components including a high concentration of bornyl acetate and smaller amounts of sesquiterpene lactones.
#121 Inula graveolens from Corsica

Inula graveolens is an oil which remains expensive as its harvest is cumbersome and distillation yield is relatively low. Nonetheless, everyone serious about aromatherapy aspires to have at least a few milliliters in their medicine chest as its therapeutic properties are simply unrivaled. It is the strongest mucolytic among the essential oils we know. Modern French aromatherapy credits the oil with excellent efficacy in the context of cystic fibrosis, heart palpitations and COPD.

Special Discount on the 2020 crop

The rarity of this oil severely limits the quantities we can offer. Respecting its relevance for aromatherapy, we decided to feature it nonetheless as an outstanding example of the hallowed Corsican aromatics. We are able to offer a 10% discount on Inula graveolens from 1/28/21 through 2/1/21 or as our limited supplies last. Two 15ml bottles per customer max, please.
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