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Khella: A Powerful Antispasmodic

Khella (Ammi visnaga) is best known in aromatherapy for its incredible antispasmodic and dilating properties. The oil has an unusual composition and elegant fragrance arising from its eclectic mix of esters (such as benzyl isovalerate) and coumarins (marmesin and the chromones khellin and visnagin).

The Site: North Africa

Khella grows readily in the sandy and well drained soils of North Africa. The historic French presence in the region brought Khella to the attention of those pioneering French Style aromatherapy. 

This plant was used by Egyptians to treat the pain of kidney stones. The rays of its dried umbels are sold in Moroccan markets as antiseptic toothpicks.

Khella sold as toothpicks

Therapeutic Properties

The complex mixture of components causes dilation to be the main principle of action of Khella. It is used as a highly effective coronary, bronchial and ureteral dilator to alleviate painful spasms. Khella is known to be highly effective for asthma, both as a preventive agent and to ameliorate acute episodes.

#100 Khella from Morocco


Besides use for unrivaled dilating properties, Khella is also used to ameliorate acute crises associated with gallbladder colics as well as kidney and other renal colics. Because of its rarity, this essential oil is best used in critical situations. Sublingual application offers almost immediate results: Place 2 or 3 drops mixed with some honey under the tongue for rapid absorption. In emergencies this can be repeated several times.

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