Melissa growing
Melissa growing in pastoral lands of Bavaria
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Melissa: Great Rebalancer

10kg of Melissa officinalis leaves grown on the estate pictured above are distilled to produce just one 5 ml bottle of our precious #80 Melissa essential oil. It is the finest pure Melissa oil we have ever known.


It is no surprise that much of the Melissa oil available is a result of conventional adulteration. Steffen Arctander warns, "The herb may be distilled with Lemon oil, Spanish so-called Verbena oil, Lemongrass oil, Citronella oil and various mixtures thereof. This process leads to commercial quantities of Melissa oil." He posits that the extremely small yield obtained by the steam distillation explains why he has not seen, throughout his 25 years of research, a genuine and authentic specimen.

The Site: North of Munich

With the advent of aromatherapy came noble interest in the healing properties of Melissa. Individuals willing to pay the price for the unadulterated oil allow distillers to make a living and justify the absurdly low yield. The Melissa oil we share with you is cultivated and distilled in the agricultural lands north of Munich by our friend Bernhard, same as the Angelica we featured last week.


Bernhard's farm is certified Demeter, adhering to biodynamic agriculture management practices that are intended to restore, maintain and enhance ecological harmony. Crop diversification, the avoidance of chemical soil treatments and off-farm inputs, decentralized production and distribution, and the consideration of celestial and terrestrial influences on biological organisms are strictly enforced, much more than required in other organic farming certifications. 

Authentic Melissa

Therapeutic Properties

The healing properties of Melissa have been well known since the Middle Ages. Early wisdom includes a recommendation by Saint Hildegard von Bingen: "Melissa is warm and a person who eats it likes to laugh because its warmth touches the spleen and therefore the heart is pleased." While the historic wisdom may seem unnecessary to someone steeped in modern rationalism, Melissa has been the subject of much western research to explain various pharmacological properties within its oil and water soluble components. Noteworthy results demonstrate the ability of Melissa to counteract herpes virus episodes.


There is evidence to suggest that Melissa officinalis enhances cholinergic transmission, based on the fact that it binds to both nicotinic and muscarinic acetylcholine receptors within the central nervous system (Perry et al., 1996; Wake et al., 2000). Much of its calming and strengthening effect to the nervous system could be mediated that way.  The most reliable action of true Melissa is its calming effects (Kennedy et al., 2003).

#80 Melissa
French style aromatherapy credits Melissa, among others, with the ability to alleviate disturbances in cardiac rhythm, palpitations or even angina attacks. The oil is a profoundly calming as it brightens the mood, strengthens the heart and nervous system and helps with weakness or lack of energy. A drop or two in a glass of warm water, perhaps sweetened with a little bit of honey, will promote deeper and more restorative sleep. Melissa oil is one of the strongest antiviral agents in aromatherapy and is a proven remedy for herpes. Melissa also addresses anger, hysteria, fears, anxiety and insomnia. 

Special Discount on Melissa Essential Oil

This precious oil is available in limited quantities only. We are pleased to offer a special discount of 15% on this rare shipment of Melissa essential oil. Discount available November 11th through November 15th, 2021.
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