Melissa from Bulgaria


In 1961 Steffen Arctander writes in his incomparable book Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin that Melissa oil is probably one of the most adulterated oils of the perfume trade. The operative term here is Perfume Trade. Because today, 60 years later true Melissa oil is indeed available. Different from the perfume buyers, individuals involved in aromatherapy, while also cherishing the fragrance, are more interested in the therapeutic qualities and hence in the purity of an essential oil. And in its therapeutic value Melissa is a veritable powerhouse. For this reason aromatherapy customers are willing to pay the admittedly high price of the true and unadulterated essential oil. The high price reflects the extremely low yield of the oil distilled from this plant.

While it has been distilled in France and Germany for many years more recently Bulgaria joined the countries of producing authentic, high quality Melissa oil of exquisite provenance. This is actually not surprising given the century long experience Bulgarian distillers have with Rose essential oil, another example of an oil with very low yield. 


Therapeutic Properties


The most important qualities of Melissa center around the heart. It is a powerful calming, sedative and hypertensive agent. It stabilizes irregular heartbeat, releases stress, fears, anxiety and anger, leading to a more balanced composure. 


French Style Aromatherapy also recommends Melissa, blended with Rosemary, Roman Chamomile and Katrafay for gallstones.


Blended with Roman Chamomile and Frankincense it is recommended for nervous breakdown and hysteria attacks


For angina attacks the suggestion is a blend of Melissa with Frankincense, Ylang Ylang and Eastern Hemlock.


OSA recommendations:


A potent blend to calm panic attacks and out of control emotional excess is Melissa and Tarragon either as is or with Lavender applied to the sternum and solar plexus.

For grief and sadness we recommend Melissa with Cape Chamomile and Cypriol.


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Melissa from Bulgaria


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