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Monarda: From Native American Beginnings to French Style Aromatherapy

Monarda fistulosa is native to North America and has been used for centuries by the indigenous population as a medicinal infusion or tea to treat oral infections. The essential oil has a special appeal in aromatherapy for its captivating fragrance. It has a geraniol content higher than the geraniol type of Thyme and similar to Palmarosa, however with a more refined aroma. 

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Monarda is from the Lamiaceae family. It is very attractive to bees, hence its vernacular name Bee Balm. It is produced in Quebec, but has also traveled to Europe and is cultivated in the homeland of aromatherapy: France. It is especially valued for its high geraniol content and the coinciding broad anti-infective spectrum of activity.

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Therapeutic Properties

In French Style aromatherapy Monarda fistulosa is celebrated for its ability to counteract bacterial and viral infections. Its power to remedy fungal infections may be unique. In l’aromatherapie exactement it is described as an exquisite agent to address all respiratory and urinary tract infections. Contemporary aromatherapy recommends it as a circulatory decongestant; to ease fibrocystic breast disease and chest pain. It is also employed as the primary ingredient in blends for pediculosis, pityriasis alba, dermatophytosis and tinea.

#5138 Monarda fistulosa from France


Given the long history as a Native American herbal remedy, an approachable price, outstanding therapeutic properties and captivating fragrance, it is surprising that Monarda has not received the attention it deserves. This is definitely an oil that warrants joyful exploration.

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