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Moroccan Chamomile: Inhibiting the Histamines

The oil of Moroccan Chamomile ( Tanacetum annuum) remains scarce and in demand because it addresses the major issues of our time. It counteracts allergies and generally reduces inflammation. Its composition is entirely non-toxic because, unlike Tanacetum vulgare, it contains no harmful ketones. The oil has been the object of relatively intense market activity sending its price to much higher levels than were expected ten years ago.

Accurate photography of Tanacetum Annuum

The Site: Morocco

Even though Tanacetum annuum grows in North Africa and the southern Iberian peninsula it apparently is only commercially distilled within Morocco. Foragers harvest the plant in the wild and wait for the buyers from distillation houses to visit and purchase their gathered plant material.


Within the aromatherapy world authentic Moroccan Chamomile is usually improperly illustrated with images of the more common perennial Tanacetum vulgare

Therapeutic Properties

A specific synergy between the monoterpenes and the different azulene components renders this oil one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory agents in aromatherapy. According to French style aromatherapy it counteracts allergy and asthma symptoms, as well as all manifestations of dermatitis. Its decongestant qualities are best used blended  with Helichrysum italicum oil.

#103 Moroccan Chamomile

A few years ago Moroccan Chamomile was in very short supply or outright unavailable as the demand for blue oils skyrocketed to sooth the inflammations of industrial society. Today the plant inventory appears to have recovered and the oil is available at unstable price points from different distillers. We analyzed samples from our suppliers and the results show the oils on offer are basically identical to the specimens collected a few years ago and the degree of variation of the main components is as expected for different samples from similar populations. Given the volatile nature of this market it is probably a good idea to stock up while there is supply.

Special Discount on Moroccan Chamomile Essential Oil

We are able to offer a 20% discount on Moroccan Chamomile essential oil from 3/18/21 through 3/22/21.
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