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Green Myrtle: Indispensible

Green Myrtle is a central pillar of aromatherapy. It has so many properties decidedly on the calming and quieting side, which seem to be a perfect response to todays chaotic times. Myrtle is a powerful hypnotic which helps us to find a speck of peace.


The Green Myrtle oil described in classic French Style Aromatherapy originates in Corsica. Sadly this variety has become quite rare and hence not inexpensive. We are currently offering a temporary price reduction on this oil.


The Site: Corsica and Albania 

While our Myrtle oil from Corsica still is considered the jewel of Myrtle oils on the market, thankfully we were able to add a new dimension to the Green Myrtle realm. For a few years now we have been working with a wonderful producer from Albania and have grown deeply fond of this brilliant and radiant oil which is considerably less expensive.

Therapeutic Properties

The therapeutic properties of Green Myrtle are outstanding. It is among the most effective expectorants in aromatherapy and because of its mild character is one of the gentlest healers for all respiratory conditions and can be used liberally even for children. The calming and grounding effect is an additional benefit, since often respiratory restrictions are combined with excitation and anxiety. 


Green Myrtle is also a prostate decongestant and a stimulant for the thyroid, being recommended in classic French Style as a natural remedy for hypothyroidism.


On a lighter note the oil is also a classic ingredient for aromatherapy compositions to reduce wrinkles. An established blend for this application consists of Rock Rose, Sage and Green Myrtle.

Special Discount on Myrtle Oils


This Myrtle gathered in the wild, lends itself for sleep inducing blends. French Style suggests Green Myrtle, Rosewood and Lavandin in a base. For hypothyroidism a blend of Green Myrtle, Rosewood, Black Spruce, Clove and Cassia in a base oil is recommended.


Myrtle Green #133 - Corsica

This Myrtle from Corsica a emerald in the world of essential oil.

We are pleased to offer a special discount of
20% for our Myrtle Essential Oils.
Discount available Nov 3rd through Nov 7th, 2022.
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