Facial Blends


This week we offer a special discount on all our natural face oils. These synergies for the face are composed almost exclusively from organic ingredients and offer formulae for all skin types.


The OSA Facial Series is the perfect way of pampering Your skin and olfactory system and at the same time strengthening your immune system. Essential oils provide the added benefit of being antiviral to varying degrees. Due to their small molecular size essential components penetrate into tissue and bloodstream and affect the entire organism in the most valuable way.


Please choose according to your personal complexion:


Brown Spot Magic:

Trouble spots of various origin, hyper-pigmentation, broken capillaries, skin cell damage and benign skin growth.

Additional effect: Stimulation of the immune system, liver and skin cell regeneration, detoxification



Refreshes and stimulates devitalized, lifeless skin.

Additional effect: Uplifting, antidepressant



Moisturizing anti-aging and anti-wrinkle treatment for fragile, dry, sensitive and mature skin. Incomparable fragrance of true Rosa damascena

Additional effect: Calms sadness and feelings of despair due to the high Rose content.



Stimulating, revitalizing treatment for dry, depleted skin

Additional effect: Antiviral, cell regenerating, uplifting



Spicy and warm antiseptic face oil or aftershave

Additional effect: lymph cleansing, detoxifying



Holds moisture in the skin, prevents wrinkles and restores elasticity and tone to dry, depleted skin

Additional effect: Cell strengthening, antiviral, antibacterial, wound healing



Blemished, oily skin, counteracts problems due to accumulated toxins or hormonal imbalances such as puberty or menopause

Additional effect: Mucolytic, respiratory support, detoxifying



Antiseptic and regenerating treatment for mixed skin or blemishes

Additional effect: Cleaning and invigorating for the respiratory system



Moisturizes hypersensitive skin in a most gentle way, calms inflammations, allergies and rashes

Additional effects: Slightly relaxing, anti-stress effect



Moisturizer for problematic and dry skin, resolves impurities and inflammation

Additional effect: Detoxifying, cleansing



Gentle anti-aging moisturizer for mature and dry skin

Additional effect: Antiviral, antibacterial


Additional Offer: Dream of the Roses Perfume

Sumptuous Rose absolute, powerful Rose Otto and other ravishing oils synergize to this euphoric perfume, uplifting body, mind and spirit.


OSA recommendations:

Apply the Face Oil of your choice in the morning and evening over a beautiful hydrosol for additional benefits and faster absorption. Enjoy. 

20% OFF

Facial Blends


Discount will be available

February 23th through February 27th, 2023

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