Pinus sylvestris:
A Beauty often Overlooked
Scots Pine - or Common Pine - is one of the gems of Aromatherapy. It grows and thrives all over Europe. The tree tolerates drought and heat as well as cold, but always prefers sunlight. The oil is composed mainly of monoterpene hydrocarbons, bornyl acetate and a minor proportion of borneol. In summary it is a cortico-adrenal and pituitary testicular stimulant, antidiabetic, neurotonic, lymph and respiratory decongestant, antiviral and antifungal.

# 165 Pinus sylvestris - Bulgaria and Austria

Scots Pine, with its crisp, silvery fragrance, is one of the highly lauded Needle oils in French Style Aromatherapy. The above mentioned hormone-like qualities can be helpful for conditions involving cortison deficiency. This is often observed in individuals with asthma or adrenal depletion for example. The unique therapeutic qualities of Common Pine are centered around these hormone mimicking aspects. The main indications hence are asthenia or exhaustion, lack of virility, bronchial conditions and, according to French authors polycystic uterine and ovarian congestion. Our specimens of Pine #165 are from Bulgaria and Austria. They are both beautifully fragrant needle extracts of practically identical composition that can be used interchangeably. 

# 4009 Pinus sylvestris from Provence

A new interpretation of Pinus sylvestris. This is for all Aromatherapy aficionados who seek the extra measure of beauty in an essential oil that often is provided by our artisan distiller friends in Provence. This specimen boasts an exquisitely green fragrance. It is a pristine example of this producer's philosophy to distill slowly and  needles only, keeping out the wood of the branches as much as possible.
This Pine oil also mimics cortisone and addresses adrenal depletion, upper respiratory conditions ranging from sinusitis over bronchitis to asthma. It is balsamic in the true sense of the word. Classic decongestant! Highly unusual!
There are no known contraindications for either of these oils

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