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Roman Chamomile: The Queen of Spasmolytics

Dr. Daniel Pénoël gave this title to Anthemis nobilis many years ago. With its high proportion of unusual exotic esters such as isobutyl angelate and isobutyl butyrate it is the classic go-to remedy in aromatherapy when cramps or tensions need to be released quickly.

Roman Chamomile

The Site: Bulgaria

Roman Chamomile oil has been a staple of French producers in the South of France and also on the Loire. With the growing demand for therapeutic essential oils, opportunities have presented themselves for production in different areas. We would like to think that the Roman Chamomile oil from Bulgaria is as refined as the distillates from France. Considering that Rose oil has been expertly distilled in Bulgaria the know-how and expertise of the Bulgarian distillers is not at all surprising.

Therapeutic Properties

Roman Chamomile is probably the most powerful spasmolytic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory. It is a highly effective calming agent and is used for neuritis and neuralgias of all sorts. It is employed to ease nervous shock, physical and psychological trauma, anger and excitation. It is also effective to calm the symptoms of asthmatics. A typical blend to alleviate anger would be composed of Roman Chamomile, True Lavender and Lemon verbena.

#406 Roman Chamomile from Bulgaria
Few essential oils can claim a therapeutic history as long as Roman Chamomile. In ancient Egypt it was considered sacred and dedicated to sun god Ra. In the former France, during the times of the Roman Empire, it was used by the druids for calm, relaxation and serenity. This tradition continues into the present where Roman Chamomile is used for exactly the same purposes.

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