A precious original: Rosemary

Rosemary type verbenone Corsica 2021:
The Soft Surprise

The verbenone chemotype of Rosemary is one of the treasures at the very origins of aromatherapy. It is one of the precious originals from the island of Corsica. Inspired by the success of the Corsican original, Rosemary verbenone has also been offered originating from South Africa or, for a moment, from California’s Santa Cruz area. It is the Corsican provenance, however, which establishes the standard for softness among the varied Rosemary oils. This year’s harvest is as mild and beautiful as an essential oil can be.


The Site: Coastal Corsica

Rosemary type cineole originates mostly from North Africa, especially Tunisia and Morocco. The North African sites are inland and have some elevation. The camphor type of Rosemary grows wild on the hills and plateaux of Provence and also in Spain. The elevation contributes to the high camphor content.

The verbenone type is cultivated in Corsica’s low lying coastal areas, which seemingly make for the 5-10% verbenone content and a rather low camphor concentration, providing the oil with an inimitable gentleness.

Therapeutic Properties

According to French Style aromatherapy Rosmarinus officinalis ct. verbenone is a powerful expectorant and mucolytic (softening hardened mucus). Accordingly, one of its main uses is for upper respiratory infections and symptoms of the flu. It balances the nervous system, regulates ovarian activity and releases blockages in the solar plexus.

143 Rosemary type verbenone from Corsica


This year’s Rosemary from Corsica is the softest we have received in a long time. It has classically been used in skin care to support metabolism in the the corium layer underlying the epidermis. At the same time it is considered to effectively drain the liver thereby easing liver and gallbladder deficiency. Considered to be a universal healing agent, Rosmarinus officinalis ct. verbenone supports strength, balance and wisdom, often unexpectedly resolving intricate therapeutic challenges.

Special Discounts on Rosemary type verbenone Corsica

We are pleased to offer a special discount of 10% on our Rosemary verbenone from Corsica. Discounts available August 6th through August 9th, 2021. This oil is a rare original and only available as long as our limited supplies last.
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