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One of aromatherapy’s most effective preventative measures is using essential oils in the shower, just like you would use a body wash.


There are numerous health benefits to this form of application:

It strengthens the immune system, helps to prevent viral and bacterial infection, regenerates body cells, stimulates lymphatic detoxification, balances the nervous system and enhances mood and emotions.


The practice is very easy: just apply 5 - 10 drops of the oils of choice to the wet body, giving special attention to the lymph passages. Allow a few seconds for the oils to penetrate and, for the intrepid ones, ideally end your shower with a cold rinse. You will feel a flow of new energy that is, depending on the specific oil or blend, either invigorating, relaxing or both.

While all three of our Shower blends are antiviral and immune supportive they have individual benefits for our wellbeing:


Shower Magic 1 -  gives us the feeling of pausing in the middle of a forrest, enveloped in a beautiful, lung opening aroma. Supporting lifeforce it provides us with a sense of standing tall and strong. With its pronounced antiviral properties Shower 1 shields us from many of the pathogens we encounter daily. While stimulating the immune system it provides a noticeable support for depleted adrenals. For a boost of energy the synergy can also be applied to the adrenal area throughout the day.


Shower Magic 2 - offers a soft and balmy fragrance, perfectly suited to protect, decongest and relax. With their soothing effect on the nervous system the precious White Needle oils help us to unwind, let go and ground ourselves. This is the ideal blend for a shower on a playful day or for a rewarding evening bath, even for children.


Shower Magic 3 -  is a vitalizing, luxurious blend, designed to achieve maximum immune fitness. The presence of Sandalwood and Ginger in this precious synergy adds a magnificent exotic note. Uplifting for mood and emotions, Shower Magic 3 provides a feeling of joyful stimulation.

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Shower Magic 3

This offer is available July 13th through July 17th, 2023.

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