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Introducing SIMPLES with Wild Atlas Cedar

SIMPLES is the acronym for Syndicat Inter-Massifs pour la Production et L'Économie des Simples. The organization and their seal were created in 1982 by a group of artisans living in remote mountain regions of France. Today there are more than 180 member producers gathering organically grown wild plants across the French mountains and isolated plains.

The group created a professional status for gatherers of wild plants. It safeguards and enhances the uses, knowledge and traditional know-how related to these treasures.


The mission of SIMPLES is to raise awareness about environmental protection and alternative approaches to agricultural production as well as meaningful health and lifestyle approaches (wild foraged food, phytotherapy, etc.). It promotes the sharing of their experience with producers of aromatic and medicinal plants around the world.


We have decided to feature our latest distillation of Atlas Cedar as the first in a series of SIMPLES certified oils. If you are looking for the ultimate in true artisanal, non-industrial production, the essential oils worthy of SIMPLES designation are the most genuine and authentic you can experience. 


The Site: Haute Provence

Given the remote areas of operation of the SIMPLES members the plants they distill are not affected by the environmental degradation associated with modern civilization.


Professionals with the SIMPLES seal comply with very strict specifications to protect the environment, preserve botanical resources, ensure quality of production and respect the needs of the consumer. One of their important goals is to support the farmers in mountain regions and marginalized areas by promoting both production and marketing for aromatic and medicinal plants of the highest quality.

Therapeutic Properties

Essential oil of Cedrus atlantica consists of almost 100% sesquiterpenoid components. French authors recommend it for cellulitis, oedema and lipedema. Atlas Cedar is recognized as a venous and lymphatic tonic as well as a decongestant for hematoma. A highly effective blend used for lymphatic drainage massage would consist of Atlas Cedar, Carrot Seed and Tamanu (Calophyllum) in a base oil. French authors suggest a blend for cellulitis consisting of Atlas Cedar, Virginia Cedar, Rosemary camphor, Eucalyptus citriodora, Katrafay, and Grapefruit, all in a base oil like Rosehip Seed.

Our Atlas Cedar embodies the qualities inherent in the essential oils harvested from the provençale landscape. They are distilled exclusively from wild plants. Not only certified organic, they are actually awarded the highly desirable SIMPLES seal. They combine richness with a most mellow character.

Special Discount on Atlas Cedar

We are pleased to offer a special discount of 20% on both our Atlas Cedar SIMPLES from Provence and our Atlas Cedar from Morocco. Discounts available March 25th through March 28th, 2022.

Thank you for reading our Authenticity Bulletin #42

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