Weary explorers of wild Thyme linalool can find respite at the Cafe de la Tonelle in the village of Ongles

Thyme linalool: The Gentle Antimicrobial

Thymus vulgaris type linalool is the soft antimicrobial oil that brought the concept of chemotypes to the aromatherapy consciousness. In the 1980s, pioneering distillers in Provence noticed many Thyme plants on higher elevations had a much different, lighter fragrance than the regular culinary Thyme found at lower elevations and along the coast. Thyme oils distilled from the plants on the plateau, now termed Thymus vulgaris type linalool, were discovered to be much less irritating than the regular Thyme. This is due to the different composition of the two. The thymol type displays the typical hot and stimulant qualities of the thymol, whereas the linalool type is mild and elegant reflecting its terpene alcohol components.

The Site: Haute Provence

The pioneering distillers of Provence had a keen sense for the composition of the oils they distilled. They realized, as they drove from the city of Apt up to the Plateau de Lagarde, that Thyme oils change in fragrance as they climb the hills.

The compositions of different Thyme oils reflect the increasing intensity of UV light at higher elevations. These Thyme oils from higher elevations display greater concentrations of Terpene alcohols responsible for the ethereal elegant character and the many beneficial therapeutic properties.

Therapeutic Properties

Thyme linalool has the same powerful antimicrobial qualities found in the thymol chemotype, but without its burning and irritating aspects. For this reason it is a standard component of blends formulated to treat acne and other skin disorders. Because of its mild character, French style aromatherapy recommends Thyme linalool for the treatment of respiratory illnesses such as bronchitis or sinusitis in children. Phillipe Mailhebiau recommends the oil for spiritual uplift and emotional renewal.
#146 Thyme linalool from Provence

Originally the Thyme oils from the high elevations of Provence were distilled from plants gathered in the wild. As the idea of Thyme linalool took hold and demand rose, growers and distillers started to cultivate the new chemotype. The classic areas where these gentle Thyme oils can be found and experienced in their original habitat are the plateaux of Haute Provence, especially around the villages of Simiane, Sault, Banon or Ongles.

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Simiane-la-Rotonde in the department Alpes-de-Haute-Provence
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