Thyme thuyanol: Powerful yet Gentle

The different chemotypes of Thyme demonstrate a phenomenon that contributes mightily to the distinction of French Style aromatherapy. Among the many chemotypes of Thyme,  type thuyanol stands out as it combines the antimicrobial power of the phenolic Thymes with the gentleness of the linalool varieties. The oil has been so successful that now larger quantities are cultivated in areas of France beyond the Provençal region.

Wild Thyme

The Site: Haute Provence

Thyme thuyanol is a classic example of how the ambitious and holistically-oriented distillers in Provence are always searching for therapeutically exciting cultivars.


The original areas where this type of Thyme was first identified were most likely the Var valley to the north of Nice and the gentle slopes of the Département des Alpes de Haute-Provence.

Therapeutic Properties

The versatile healing properties of this oil are nothing short of amazing. It is well tolerated by the skin and mucous membranes with no toxicity. In French Style aromatherapy it is credited with regenerating liver cells. It is a powerful antiviral able to be liberally applied, delivering its effect directly to sensitive areas due to its gentle character. Because of this it is often used for urinary tract and gynecological infections. In l’ aromatherapie exactement the oil is described as effective in the treatment of chlamydia.
#147 Thymus vulgaris type thuyanol cultivated


Our current Thymus vulgaris type thuyanol is cultivated in mid-altitude Provence. Some bottles of this oil contain so much of the terpene alcohol thuyanol that it partially crystallizes on occasion. Slight warming of the bottle will generally bring it back into a fully liquid form.

#4147 Thymus vulgaris type thuyanol sauvage


Harvesting this chemotype in the wild provides an oil which allows the user to fully experience the original composition as it has been shaped by the sun, altitude and other prevailing environmental factors to which the plant responds.

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