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Comparing the Chamomiles: German (Matricaria recutita) and Roman  (Anthemis nobilis)


Todays mail aims to shed light on the aromatherapy qualities of two oils that are often considered similar, mostly because they are both referred to as Chamomile. However, as it were, they have distinctly different composition and properties. To make the comparison easy and meaningful we have chosen both oils from our superb Bulgarian producer: German Chamomile #7 and Roman Chamomile #406, both freshly arrived.


Appearance of the Oil


Both plants are commonly known as Chamomile even though they have different appearance, composition and properties. The oil of German Chamomile can be stunningly blue from its Chamazulen content, whereas the Roman Chamomile oil generally has a straw golden color with an occasional a light blue hue.


Main Components of the Oils

The two Chamomile oils are distinguished by their substantially different chemical composition: German Chamomile oil is mostly composed by different bisabolol oxides and (-) alpha bisabolol as well as a variety of sesquiterpene hydrocarbons such as farnesene and chamazulen. Roman Chamomile oil has a characteristically high ester content, including isobutyl angelate and isobutyl butyrate. It also has a smaller proportion of ketones - i.e.pinocarvone - and alcohols such as pinocarveol.


Physiological Properties

As a result of their distinctly different chemical composition the two oils each have a unique set of qualities. German Chamomile is a very powerful anti-inflammatory and antihistamine. It is a good decongestant and effectively relieves itching. Roman Chamomile oil is a strong antispasmodic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic and a soothing sedative.


Therapeutic Properties

Whereas the main theme of the German Chamomile is anti inflammatory the main theme of Roman Chamomile is calming the nervous system.


German Chamomile - Main Therapeutic Indications: Most conditions that go along with inflammatory and itchy dermatitis such as shingles, herpes, ulcers, hives etc. Because of its gentleness German Chamomile is well suited for blends to treat cystitis and vaginitis. The oil is also very helpful with allergies (applied internally and externally), circulatory congestion, all types of asthma and gastric ulcers.


Roman Chamomile - Main Therapeutic Indications: Neuralgias of all kinds, nervous shock and psychological trauma, addictions, asthma, anger and all kinds of painful or inflamed cramps.

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