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AGM - Change of date
Please keep the evening of Tuesday 24th March free (not the 12th) for the PMRA Annual General Meeting at the Old Yacht Club in Halls Head Parade; 6.00 for 6.15pm.
This year's speaker will be Neil Carroll, City of Mandurah's Marina and Waterways Manager, talking about "Waterways issues in and around Port Mandurah".
More details to follow shortly, including the agenda, nomination forms and proxy voting forms.
After the meeting we will be providing drinks and canapés.

Short-term Rentals
City of Mandurah Officers discussed the issue of short-term rentals with Councillors last week and it is anticipated that a report will be considered at the March round of meetings. A number of options will be contained in the report.
We are hopeful that the anti-social behaviour exhibited by some holiday makers in Port Mandurah can finally be addressed and prevented from reoccurring.
In the meantime, if there is a problem property near you, please continue to compile and submit your noise service request forms. For more info please visit

New Sponsorship Opportunities for 2015
PMRA has recently changed its sponsorship structure. From as little as $250 a year,
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Australia Day Flotilla
Do you have any photos of the flotilla that we can post on our facebook page?
If so, please email

Keeping Port Mandurah Litter Free
Twice a day, every day, Jill and John Randall voluntarily walk around our precinct picking up rubbish. You may have seen them out and about with their dog Teddy.
The City of Mandurah pays PMRA $650 each year for their efforts.
The following words are from a recent report by John to the City:
“The streets nominated by the City for PMRA to clean up are the triangle represented by Old Coast Rd between Mary St and McLarty, McLarty between
Old Coast Rd and Mary St, and Mary St between McLarty and Old Coast Rd.
We have voluntarily extended this to include Old Coast Rd between McLarty and Leisure Way. We also clean up secondary roads that are parallel with our major roads, such as Starfire, Fistina, Arika, Condor, Leeuwin and Baruna.
We clean up small areas twice a day, every day, in an attempt to keep the area looking pristine. The rubbish is disposed in the street bins which we also monitor.
About once a month we traverse the whole triangle.
We use the exercise to monitor problems and hazards for the City. We make about two reports a week of trip hazards, lights out, pits without covers or with broken covers.
Most of the litter used to be from building sites; building material wrapping and the like, but as the area has been built up, fast food wrapping has become the major culprit.
The major concerns are discarded needles, broken stubbies (presumably thrown from passing vehicles) and the build-up in traffic density thus reducing the opportunities to pick up rubbish from the roads.
Some of the litter is from City activities such as rubbish pick-up on recycling days and the distribution of chipped green material that includes plastic and paper.”
Thank you Jill and John for your boundless efforts in keeping our streets clean.

Samphire Cove
The Friends report that some of the native species at the cove are already
throwing out new tendrils after the recent fire there, including Hardenbergia or "native wisteria".
The Friends of Samphire Cove continue to meet on the last Sunday of the month from 9.00am.
On 22nd February they invite you to help finish oiling the second bird hide.
You will need clothes that you don't mind “sp-oiling”!
Also, please BYO morning tea to have after the oiling session.
On 29th March they will be having a clean-up morning in and around Samphire Cove. For more information please click here.


Formation of sand bars outside the Mandurah Entrance Channel
The Department of Transport's Coastal Management Team has made the following recommendations:

1. Urgently install additional navigation aids to help skippers safety transit
the area.
2. The local DoT staff must continue to observe the marked channel, and act
to manage navigation as required, including closing the channel if deemed necessary.
3. Continue monitoring survey the channel depth after each major storm
and shift the navigation aids if necessary.
4. Investigate feasibility of an additional sand bypass campaign to clear some room in the sand trap.
5. City of Mandurah and DoT coordinate a review of the targeted annual sand bypass volume and methodology for next 5 years as the current 100,000 m3 bypassing volume has been exceeded significantly and consecutively since 2007.
To view the report and photos please click here.

Coming soon…
We hope to have some news
for you very soon about:
• Annual Electors' Meeting
• Dredging
• Cormorant and seagull control
• Jetty licence fees                       
• Old Mandurah Bridge Redevelopment               

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