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Did you know?
Every Port Mandurah title owner on the canals is a PMRA member.

PMRA sends out a monthly
e-newsletter to every household for which we have an email address, but we still don’t have email addresses for the majority of our members. 
Can you help?

We expect to be in a position to convey some very important news to members soon, and we need to be able to contact members quickly. Although we can compile, print and deliver paper newsletters to every household, I’m sure that you appreciate that this takes quite a bit of time.
Please would you forward this email to all your friends and neighbours on the canals, and encourage them to email with their email address(es) so that we can keep everyone updated?  Thank you.

Message from the new PMRA President
Kerrie Andrews
As President of PMRA for 2014 I would like to introduce myself. I have a long history with Mandurah having holidayed here as a child, living here intermittently during the 1980s then moving permanently in 1990.
My husband and I purchased our land in Port Mandurah in 2003, owner-built our house in 2006-07 and made it our home, with our two daughters and dog, in 2007.
My work history has been in the Public Service, private enterprise and NFP organisations.
I am currently the administrator and coach of a local gymnastics club, plus I support my husband in his Engineering Consultancy. I am also a keen observer and dabbler in the ASX.
As a volunteer I come with experience on many and varied committees with a past history of being President of a Rotaract Club, Gymnastics Club and Squash Club. I have also held various committee positions on school P&Cs and Boards, sporting associations, fundraising committees and arts groups.
I have been a member of the PMRA committee since January 2008 and been actively involved in all programs undertaken by the committee.
My main objective in 2014 is to see some forward movement in the clarification of responsibilities for jetty licensing and the dredging process.
I encourage all Port Mandurah residents to be proactive in understanding PMRA’s role (and limitations) and hope that we can all contribute to maintaining this unique estate.

Message from the new Vice President
Gary Brown
As a new member to the Port Mandurah Residents’ committee I was asked to introduce myself to our members. Our family has been in Mandurah since January 1990 when we established Mandurah Steel Supplies which now trades as Southern Steel Supplies, owned and run by our son. In May 2001 I was elected as City of Mandurah Councillor for the Town Ward which I served on for 12 years until the last election when I did not renominate.
They were 12 interesting years when the City was growing very rapidly, and the need for new and improved infrastructure was putting a lot of pressure on the planning and funding by council and staff.
In the time I was on Council the most disappointing thing was the low input of ratepayers on the items which were going through Council. We always seemed to have deputations against things but none in support.
It would be good if residents who have an issue or would like to ask a question went to any of the 3 meetings held each month and took advantage of the question time at the beginning of each meeting.
As a volunteer to this committee we are happy to advise and assist if we can but we are not responsible for actions of others.
If you have issues with the City of Mandurah Council or any other organisation please contact them direct and if after that you feel we may be able to help then we will do our best.

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Jetty Inspections
It is likely that you may have received a letter from the Department of Transport announcing a jetty inspection for the week commencing 17th March and that failing to comply will incur a fine of $76.21.
Part of the jetty licence requires that the jetty number should be at all times visible in contrasting letters>75mm high. The jetty number should appear on the letter which was sent over the name Graham Baker, Jetty Inspector, 9435 7680.
PMRA is actively resisting the payment of jetty licence fees as we dispute the legal and ethical basis for the charging of a jetty licence fee on private property (which is the case for most of Port Mandurah). We have sought legal advice which indicates that the jetty licence fee has no basis in Port Mandurah and we are attempting resolution with the Department and with the City.
They argue that our man-made canals on private land are public waterways when it suits to charge for jetty licences but will not contribute to any maintenance or dredging that we have to pay for through our Specified Area Rate (SAR). All jetty building approvals and any compliance issues are directed to the City of Mandurah in conjunction with the Department of Transport which has the final say on most issues even though the Council does most of the investigating at the cost of the ratepayers through the Specified Area Rates.
While at this stage we cannot stop them inspecting our jetties, you have no obligation to allow them to take liberties on your property, i.e. access through your land or walking on your canal wall or jetty without personal permission. Our hope is that in the future it will not be the responsibility of the Department of Transport and that the jetty licence function will be absorbed by our SAR.
For more information about current jetty licence requirements click here.

Christmas Lights Competition
Our appreciation and thanks go to sponsors Rod and Cheryl Bishop for their ongoing support of the Christmas lights competition.
The 2013 season saw a change to the judging format with Mandurah Cruises enlisting several local identities and business people to do the judging. This year’s judges were Cheryl Bishop of Mandurah Cruises, Renee Hardman of Century 21 Coast Realty, Leighton Yates from Sebel Mandurah and Dale Evans of the Mandurah Mail. Congratulations to all the winners and finalists. This year we have some fabulous prizes including cruise charters, gift baskets and trophies from Mandurah Cruises, generous cash prizes from Renee and luxury accommodation from Sebel Mandurah.
Peel Thunder has put up some membership prizes, La Pamper Lounge want to spoil someone and The Stage Door Waterfront Restaurant is donating gift vouchers.
Mandurah Cruises once more sponsored a presentation cruise with canapés and drinks as an acknowledgement of the contributions made by Port Mandurah residents in making their canals such a special place to visit during the festive season and supporting the Rotary Wishing Well which raises an incredible amount for local charities; $14,000 this last year alone!

Save the Date
We will be holding a Beef & Burgundy evening
on Saturday 24 May - details to follow.

This social event is for PMRA members - old and new.

Dredging Update
We have been informed by the City of Mandurah that the waterways will be dredged in May.

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