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Samphire Cove Update

The Friends of Samphire Cove invite you to join them on Sunday 25th May: Weeding from 9.00am to 10.30am followed by BYO morning tea. Please bring a sprayer and a hand-weeding tool.


Dredging Update
The City of Mandurah has informed us that the dredging of the Port Mandurah main canal is about to commence.
To view the dredging plan for the Northern Entrance please click here.
To view the dredging plan for the Southern Entrance please click here.
The "delivery area" highlighted in the dredging plan for the Southern Entrance is where dredge spoil must be disposed of "sub-aqueously" and is to be spread as a thin layer on the bank.
We have been assured that the spoil materials are not offensive.

Nuisance Birds
Further to our correspondence with the City about the problems associated with the observed increase of cormorants and seagulls in Port Mandurah, we have received the following reply from Allan Claydon, Director of Works & Services:

"Cormorant Control Update
 Following dialogue with the Department
of Parks and Wildlife concerning the proliferation of cormorant numbers in and around Port Mandurah, I am now able to offer an update of the situation.
The City has considered options offered by the above agency and will implement an engineering solution that is suitable to the canal residents and will prevent the birds from roosting without causing harm to the fauna. A mix of humming wire and
reflective tape will be installed as soon
as programming of works will allow.
This method of control will be closely monitored and discussions will continue
with the Department of Parks and Wildlife.
Your sincerely, Allan Claydon"

Recent Jetty Inspections
We have received some correspondence from members about the jetty inspections that were carried out in March, including allegations that a DoT inspector walked uninvited around someone's back yard.
Do you have any feedback for us about your jetty inspection? If so, please email if you consent to your account being included in our quest to abolish DoT jetty licences.


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