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Oct 05 2016 Email (Oct 2016)
  October 6, 2016 Greetings! Last month was quite busy in Parliament with lots of activities in the committees and plenary sittings: New Centers for yellow Fever immunization for international travelers were accredited by Ministry of Health, The Debate on whether National Theater is up for sale not was held on the floor of Praliament. Also, UNRA met with the Committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises as they responded to queries raised by the A

June 2016 Monthly Digest (Jul 2016)
Monthly Digest Hello   , As you may have noticed - we are back in business in full swing now that the Parliament and Cabinet have all been sworn in. We put together visuals to help you all know the Political Party representation for this new Parliament. We recently had the Sate of the Nation Address - but what did it highlight? Also read about how a new Parliament comes into force - for more publications: Please visit: Editor,  R

10th Parliament Political Party Representation (Apr 2016)
We are slowly recovering from the election season and as Parliament Watch, we are looking forward to the 10th Parliament. We have put together visuals to help you understand the composition of the House: political party representation, gender and special interest groups. You can also find a detailed list of this information here. We appreciate you taking time to read and look forward to your feedback. Editor. Share Share Share Share Vie

Happy Holidays (Dec 2015)
Hello , It has been an awesome year for us here at Parliament Watch and we want to thank you so much for being a part of it and making it worthwhile. As you know, we are all about about Elections for the rest of this year and the first 60 days of the year. However we have on going Plenary sessions as Parliament debates the details on the Budget. Follow #BudgetUg16 for that.   We leave you with the highlights of this year in our blog posts and we look forward to hearing and engaging with you a

Weekly Newsletter 11 - 15th October 2015 (Oct 2015)
Ruth Aine Editor Happy New Month from The Parliament Watch team. September was quite an interesting month with Parliament Officially breaking off but getting called back more than once. As you can imagine, elections are round the corner - so the legislative business in a way gets to be the 'least priority'. However there were also very many laws that have been debated in the different sessions, those that were passed were related to the Elections: The Presidentia

August 18 2015 Email (Aug 2015)
Parliament Watch Newsletter Editorial Editor, Ruth Aine Hello ,  It has been awhile. We have a lot of new content in our publication. There are many different analyses from the Marriage and Divorce bill to the Tobacco Control Bill that has been recently passed. In our blog section: get to read about the recently passed constitutional amendments & what they are about. Have you ever though of how you could visit Parliament - if at all you needed to ? We do have a b

June Monthly Digest (Jun 2015)
  Parliament Watch Newsletter Editorial Editor, Ruth Aine Hello ,  This month we put a lot of attention on the budget. Have you had a look at this? It has all you need to know about the Budget 2015/16 We were so excited to have a campaign that was aimed at seeing how much the online populace knows about the Budget process. This was the tool we used. Its results will be out soon. Other articles look at the Budget in detail in regard to different sectors. R

Weekly Email: May 25 - May 29 2015 (May 2015)
  Parliament Watch Newsletter Editorial Editor, Ruth Aine Hello ,  Schools are back in session, but it is not all rosy with the pupils in UPE schools, no food and or sanitary towels for the girls. What is even sadder is the the current budget estimations will not help at all. Elections are round the corner and the buzz of who will and will not run is already on. However it is a different story for independent candidates if the law gets amended as proposed. 1

Weekly Email: April 6- April 10 2015 (Apr 2015)
  Parliament Watch Newsletter Editorial Editor, Ruth Aine Hello ,  We know that it has been a while since we have sent this to you but here is what we have been working on: "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela; but in Uganda education is not a priority - investment is. NEW: Check out the new analysis page on our site and read what our guest writers have to say about different issues in society in r

Weekly Email: March 1- March 10 2015 (Mar 2015)
  Parliament Watch Newsletter Editorial Editor, Ruth Aine Hello ,  The digital migration is something that we are all interested in especially with what happened in Kenya, but can we avoid going down that road? Imagine not having to hand over data of who you are and where you are from every time that you have to apply for a Passport or Insurance - that would be cool, right? Yes.. The Registration of Person's Bill is supposed to ensure that. March 8 was Intern

Weekly Email: Feb 23-27 2015 (Feb 2015)
  Parliament Watch Newsletter Editorial Editor, Ruth Aine Dear  Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter. As you may know Parliament resumed this year on 3rd February. Alot of plenary discussions and committee sittings have been taking place since then. All the tweets from the proceedings are curated - enjoy the read We introduce you to our new website: check it out and all feedback will be welcome. This week we held a Digital Outreach, the first time thi

Confirm Subscribers (Feb 2015)
Hello , We are in the process of re-branding our online presence so we can serve you better. Some of our processes have changed but not so much. Our objective is still to remain Your Eye on Parliament. But for now, we'd like to confirm that you'd like to continue receiving emails from us. If yes, you could simply read the content of this email and reply to us But, If you'd like to stop, please click the unsubscribe link at the end of this email and we wont spam you again, we promise! What

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