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Available Warehouse Options:

Beverly Warehouse 

- Completely Vacant Former Post Office Downtown
- Old brick finishing, Great Industrial looks
- Lots of natural light, Amazing views of Downtown LA skyline
- 24,000 sq ft Warehouse, 4,000 sq ft upstairs loft
- 30,000 sq ft private parking lot (Great for Basecamps!) 

Nordhoff Warehouse

- Vacant, 38,000 sq. ft. Two-Story Warehouse  
- Lobby Area and 8,000 sq. ft. of Upstairs Raw Office/Loft Space
- Additional Building with Secondary Warehouse - Perfect for Mill Space!
- Parking for both Buildings, Same Flexible Owner, Great Long-Term Potential
- Isolated Valley Location (Northridge/Chatsworth)


Wellesly Warehouse

- Vacant Warehouse with Offices
- Owner open to removing storage racks
- Convenient West LA Location
- New and Flexible Owners, Open to Long or Short-Term!
Alla Road

- Modern Warehouse-Office Combination
- Completely Vacant, Available Long or Short-Term!
- Tons of Parking - Lots on Both Sides, Plus Underground Garage
- Isolated but Convenient Marina Del Rey Location


Long Beach Hangar

- Private Hangar at the Long Beach Airport
- Controllable Clean Room Look
- Brand New, Never Been Filmed Before

- Eager and Film-Friendly Owners

Shelter Partnership

- Isolated Storage Warehouse in Bell - Permit Fast-Tracking Possible
- Three Massive Warehouses separated by WWII Hangar Doors
- Nearby Army Reserve gives a Military Base Backdrop
- Owners Flexible Enough to Move Storage, Even Clear One Warehouse
- Run by Shelter Partnership, so all Filming Revenue goes back to their Charity!
GAN Catering Warehouse

- Wood Beam and Brick Warehouse/Event Space
- Also has Restaurant/Bar/Lounge Set
- Industrial Kitchen/Catering Also Available
- Extremely Flexible Owners

Tarzana Warehouse Stages

- Complex of Buildings with Warehouse and Office Space totalling over 70,000 sq. ft.
- Two Massive Connecting Stages, One Separate Warehouse for Mill Space
- Production Offices and Other Practical Storage Options

- Former Long-Term Home for MTV's "Awkward" for Several Seasons
- Multiple Gated Parking Lots, 400+ Spaces

Plummer Warehouse

- Vacant 20,000 sq. ft. Warehouse in Chatworth
- Also with Practical Lab Looks, and 30,000 sq. ft. of Office Space
- Multiple Roll-Up Doors and Access Points to Warehouse

- Tons of Parking Surrounding the Building
- Flexible and Film-Friendly Owners, Open to Long or Short-Term!

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