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Choose From a Variety of Different Warehouses
to Fit Your Specific Needs

Warehouse Event Stages:

Enox Warehouse Stages

• Multiple Red Brick Stages Available
• High Ceilings and No Posts or Columns
• Separate Mill Space Area
• Freestanding & Isolated Location

Worth Street Warehouses

• Multiple Warehouse Stages
• White/Green Cyclorama
• Tons of Support Space
• Ample Parking
• 600 Amps of Power Available
• Old Industrial Vibe

Beverly Warehouse

• Massive Vacant Warehouse Event Space
• 30ft High Vaulted Wooden Ceiling
• Huge Basement Level with 10,000 lbs Freight Elevator
• 3 Phase Studio Power with Working A/C
• 90 Car Striped Parking Lot, 200 Car with Valet Service

Gan Catering Warehouse 

• Beautiful Warehouse Event Space
• Brick Walls with Vaulted Wood Ceiling
• Polished Concrete with Separate Lounge Space
• Massive Industrial Kitchen Available

Big Box
Warehouse Stages:

Toys R' Us Building

• 40,000 SF Vacant Big Box Store
• Open Floor Plan & High Ceilings
• Separate Mill Space Area in Back
• Massive Parking Lot, Over 200 Cars!

Vallarta Canoga

• Vacant Grocery Store
• Open Floor Plan & High Ceilings
• Tons of Parking
• Separate Warehouse with Industrial Size Walk-In Freezer
• Film Friendly and Available Long Term!

Modern Warehouses:

Haskell Building 

• Huge Warehouse with Costco Rack Looks
• High Ceilings with Multiple Roll Up Doors
• Massive Training Room
• Break Rooms and Office Space
• Film Friendly and Lots of Parking

Van Nuys Warehouse

• Huge Modern Warehouse with Racks
• 28ft High Ceilings
• Loading Docks and Tons of Parking
• Vacant Office Space Available

Industrial Warehouses:

Mission Road Warehouse

• 60,000 SF Vacant Warehouse
• 25'+ Metal Ceiling
• Natural Light and Angled Windows
• Variety of Industrial Looks
• Lots of Parking on Site

Anheuser Busch Brewery

• Sprawling Brewery Plant with Variety of Looks
• Manufacturing and Industrial
• High-Tech Machinery
• Labs, Pipes, Boiler Rooms, Conveyor Belts, etc.

Pico Building

• Massive 150,000 SF Vacant Building
• Freestanding & Secured Location
• Rooftop Parking for Over 200 Cars
• Perfect for All Types of Action, Explosions, or F/X

Sears Warehouse

• Massive Subterranean Warehouse
• Huge Boiler Room with Colored Pipes
• Industrial Looks & Aged Machinery
• Vacant and Separate from Mall
• Available Long-Term

Mill Space Warehouses:

GVS Warehouse

• 8,000 SF Vacant Warehouse
• Located in the Heart of Burbank Media District
• Perfect for Mill Space or Stage Building Use
• Film Friendly & Available Long-Term

New Horizons

• Highly Secured 24/7 Facility
• High Ceilings & Multiple Roll Up Doors
• Additional Workshop and Office Space Available
• Separate and Secure Parking for Production
• All Existing Racks Will Be Removed for Mill Space Use

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