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Wide Open Spaces
Here are Some Excellent Locations with Plenty of Space for a Socially Distant Shoot
Fully Controllable Complexes
Vacant or Controllable Locations with Existing Sets and Practical Looks
Exclusively Represented by Real to Reel Locations
This sprawling outdoor campus has a variety of classrooms, scenic areas, basketball courts, playgrounds, private roads, parking lots, huge soccer fields/grassy lawns, natural trails/overlooks, campground looks, and an outdoor cafeteria with a commercial kitchen.
Exclusively Represented by Real to Reel Locations

This amazing vacant 8+ building compound was previously a foster home and medical clinic with existing medical props. It features housing, multiple medical buildings, bridges, and lots of parking.

Exclusively Represented by Real to Reel Locations

Massive Entertainment Park with Variety of Looks. Transit terminals, ballrooms, bars, restaurants, lounges, meeting rooms, tunnels, commercial kitchens and more. Plus, a sea of parking lots and a separate “Cowboy Village” with dirt roads, stables, and rugged looks!

Ranches and Open Land
Sprawling Multi-Use Land with Vacant Structures 
VMC Lang Station
*Virtual Scout Coming Soon!*
Exclusively Represented by Real to Reel Locations

Vacant industrial plant on acres of remote land with existing machinery & structures. The property also features cranes, pipes, tubes, and other heavy equipment. Gated entry and private road with no limits on F/X, pyro, gunplay, explosions, car crashes. Plus tons of parking. This is a virtually unknown location with film friendly owners.

Exclusively Represented by Real to Reel Locations
This huge amazing ranch is located in Moorpark, just outside the Thirty Mile Zone. The property is massive and includes a log cabin with lots of windows and a pitched roof, vineyard, crop rows, horses, barns, stables, dirt roads, pasture, basketball court & batting cage, a deck, and outside fireplace.
Exclusively Represented by Real to Reel Locations
Isolated Non-Profit Charity Property That Serves Intellectually and Developmentally Challenged Young Adults. Features Multiple Open Buildings Including Rec Room and Workshop, Amphitheater, Swimming Pool, Basketball Court. Great Campground, Summer Camp, and Petting Zoo Looks as well as Bridges, Streams, and Natural Areas 
Exclusively Agency: Real to Reel Locations
This incredible vineyard located in Canyon Country is a fully functioning commercial winery including warehouses and cellars filled with aging wine barrels and large steel vats of fermenting wine. Other features include banquet rooms, a petting zoo, a tasting area, two houses, vineyards, amazing views, a conference room, and more!

Sprawling ranch/campsite in all-American woods with unique features including an empty Olympic size pool, outdoor amphitheater, creek beds, vacant convenience store, rows of single room cabins, multiple homes and structures on site with motivated, film friendly owners! 

Exclusively Represented by Real to Reel Locations
Located outside the Thirty Mile Zone in Frazier Park this unique ranch boasts an old barn, cabins, and wide open spaces with amazing mountain views ready to meet your location needs.
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