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 Never A Bad Time To Celebrate America

We know it is over a week past Independence Day, but we want to be sure to highlight the Rich-Tomkins family members that have served in the armed forces

There are plenty of topics and views that can cause a heated debate to erupt at a moments notice when discussing American politics. The ability to have different opions and ideas is what makes this country of ours great. 

Celebrate our freedoms and being an American year round, not just on the fourth of July. 
Manufacturer Updates
New products are available to order! Tesla bath collection is open for order and orders will begin shipping on July 20. Also available is a great  pull-down kitchen collection- Essa. Essa is open for order and ships July 27. 

Have other brands expansion joints failed you or your customers in the field? Try Fernco's American-made  XJ expansion joints. With no moving parts to fail, these maintenance-free fittings are a great option. 

Newport Brass:
Newport Brass has announced the release of three new single-hole lavatory faucets. The Secant, Keaton and Skyler are available in 27 unique finishes. 

Larger size PEX is coming! Uponor will have 2 1/2 in and 3 in PEX available in Nov. Get ready to expand you commercial business as there will be more options to use PEX. Check out this freshly launched commercial piping Uponor website to learn more. 

We know you have been waiting for this one! We are pleased to say we have some Wade stock in at Rich-Tomkins. We have:
1100 series floor drains with nickel bronze round and square tops
Ductile Tops
6004 NH Cleanouts

Rich-Tomkins is expanding the commercial Woodford offerings in our warehouse! We've noticed a few popular items need to keep coming from the factory so to save your time and shipping costs we have them in Aston. Be sure to check with Bill Brown about getting your Woodford order from our stock.  
 Rich-Tomkins Personnel Update

Please be advised that effective Friday, July 10 Todd Alexander is no longer working for Rich-Tomkins Company.

We thank Todd for his years of service to Rich-Tomkins and wish him well in his future endeavors.

Alan Kershaw has been promoted to Operations Manager and he can be reached at 610-859-6069 or In this role Alan will oversee the inside sales team, handling of inventory and all logistical aspects of Rich-Tomkins Company.

The inside sales team is ready and able to serve you:

Bradford White/Tyler
Ed Fiorella: 610-859-6063 or

Gary Brake: 610-859-6061 or

Jones Stephens/Uponor/Brasscraft/Fernco
Jim Stout: 610-859-6065 or

Alan Kershaw: 610-859-6069 or

Bill Brown: 610-859-6075 or