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 Can you feel it? Change is coming

We are well aware of the rumor mill that exists within our relatively small world of wholesalers, showrooms and plumbers and we are betting you have heard about some of the changes that are happening here at Rich-Tomkins. 

We are pleased to announce the addition of Tyler Pipe, Wade Drains (limited territory), Newport Brass and Ginger to the Rich-Tomkins portfolio. With the addition of these four lines, we feel we can better serve you, our customers. 

Unfortunately, with the addition of lines we did need to resign our positions as reps to Flint & Walling and Foremost. It has been a pleasure representing both companies and wish them well in the future. 

As always, we look forward to working with you and are excited to explore the opportunities the new lines bring to all of us. 
Manufacturer Updates
Plenty of updates this month! Be sure to check out all our manufacturers have to offer. 

Bradford White:
Be sure to update and educate yourself about the soon-to-be-here DOE changes to some water heaters. Bradford has placed spec sheets online, made a handy-dandy conversion website  and has lots of information on anything related to DOE changes. Visit for the information. 

Don't forget to think about Fernco StormDrain Plus systems to help with removing standing water from patios, pool decks and driveways. 

Jones Stephens:
The Green Drain is here! Stops smells and pests. Fits ALL drain types- no need to match various traps to different drain vendors. One SKU does it all. Check out a quick video

We know NONE of us want to be thinking about radiant heating projects- we all want nice warm weather- but don't forget that same system can be used to cool buildings with radiant cooling. Rich-Tomkins has plenty of resources to help you with any radiant questions all the way to loop layout experts. Let us help you with radiant designs. 

Be sure to keep an eye out for new price books. We know, you hear new price books and you think "price increase," but not with Watco. The price has decreased on brass waste and overflows. Talk to your sales rep for more information. 
Spring is ALMOST here

The first day of spring is March 20! Just under two weeks away. Here are a few of our favorite things about spring:

Free Rita's Water Ice
Don't forget to stop by your local Rita's for a free cup of their delicious treat between the hours of Noon and 9 (yeah, we looked it up, we are that excited) on the first day of spring.

Farmer's Markets Return
Maybe some lucky readers have the pleasure of having a great farmer's market year round. For those of us that don't the spring always brings fresh produce and friendly faces to many neighborhoods. Who doesn't like locally grown goodies?

Better Bike Weather
No matter if your preferred bike has a motor is is pedal-powered, the spring certainly has its perks over the winter months for those out on two wheels. No more salt stains and the pavement is not too hot. Always remember safety first and put a lid on your dome!

The Phillies
We will have to see just how this one pans out...but, dollar dogs and a clear sky? There is something great about being at a baseball game. If you can't make the hike to Citizens Bank Park, there are plenty of minor league teams to take in too!

What are your favorite parts about spring? Let us know on our Facebook page