Good luck on exams!

Today 5/1
Reading Day

Pet a Pup with PAALS

Center for Health and Well-Being

Reading Day Yoga
Honors Residence Hall Courtyard


Honors College Revocation Ceremony

Plan ahead with the full calendar.


Beginning May 1st honors classes will be frozen for current honors students in preparation for freshman advising. 

ANTH 322 is a Maymester archaeology class at a local historic site. No experience necessary!


Exams have you stressed out? Here are some tips to help you be at your best during the home stretch! ����

1. Get outside! ☀️: 
With summer approaching, there's no better way to study than on the Horseshoe in order to soak up some rays alongside your knowledge. Take a study break at the Three Rivers Greenway (hop on the Soda Cap to get there for free!)
2. Keep your friends close ��: You are not alone in your stress during exam week! Make sure to take the time to relax a bit with the people you enjoy the most.
3. Catch those zzz's ��: The dark circles under your eyes will be the least of your worries when you enter class after a night of cramming and no sleep. Plan ahead to get enough sleep and you'll be well-rested and ready to ace your exams!
4. Eat to fuel your mind  : No student is a stranger to stress-induced binge eating on unhealthy foods. Make good nutrition a priority so you're energized and ready to show your exams who's boss.
5. Breathe ��: In and out, as many times as it takes. You are amazing and  you've got this! Stop by the C.A.L.M. Oasis (room 215 at  Center for Health and Well-Being) for a few moments of silence or try a meditation app.
6. Reach out ��: Take advantage of online and campus resources like  Tao Self Help and group excercise.

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Sirius's Quotation of the Week: 
    "Love yourself first and everything else falls into line."     

- Lucille Ball
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