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Into a Time when 'Crushes' Intensify.


June 5, Venus Enters Leo: A Longer Stay Ignites Deeper 'Crushes'!

On June 5 at 9:46 AM, Venus, the planet that brings 'crush' and 'excitement', will transition into Leo. Typically, Venus stays in a single sign for about a month. However, this stay in Leo will span a long period of four months, until October 8. This is because it includes a period of retrograde starting from July 22. Approximately every year and a half, Venus goes retrograde, and that time is now.

Venus is the planet that rules love. To be precise, it is the planet that produces feelings of 'crush' and 'excitement' in everyday life. Imagine the surprise and excitement born in a child's heart when they see the sea for the first time, or the feeling of immense happiness when enveloped by sun-dried sheets on a clear day. Venus brings such feelings, which could be described as a 'sense of wonder', into our daily lives.

As mentioned, Venus will stay in Leo for about four months. This signifies a story where people's feelings of 'crush' and 'excitement' are adjusted through a retrograde period, becoming clearer and more beautiful. Retrograde is an adjustment so that fate can proceed in the right direction, like a 'destiny's chiropractic/stretch'. It's about stretching muscles and joints in unfamiliar directions to improve the course of destiny. Therefore, once the retrograde ends, it should feel as if the fog has lifted, and everyday life begins to beautifully revive.

The influence of Venus staying in Leo can be divided into three periods.

① June 5 to July 22: Venus enters Leo and moves direct

"New romances and crushes are born, bringing fresh excitement to everyday life."

② July 22 to September 4: Venus goes retrograde

"'Destiny's chiropractic/stretch' takes place."

③ September 4 to October 8: Venus, having completed the retrograde, moves direct again

"New romances and crushes, and excitement born in period ① take stable shape after retracing steps."

Leo is a creative world that brings joy to life. Over four months in this sign, the 'crush' of romance, the 'excitement' at work or in private life that Venus brings forth, should not be something that appears by just waiting around. It should be something newly born through expressing your thoughts and actively interacting with the world.

To read about the specific fortunes Venus brings and the direction of your 'crush', please click on the image below!

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Mars is Also Residing in Leo: Expect Strong 'Connections'.

Venus is the star that carries love and 'crushes', and at the same time symbolizes femininity. And the star symbolizing masculinity is Mars. These two stars attract each other with a force like magnetism. This isn't just about love. They seek each other in an attempt to acquire what they lack. As mentioned previously, Venus will move into Leo this time. And in that Leo, Mars is residing. Venus and Mars residing in the same constellation will strongly seek each other. For some people, this could be a strong suggestion of love, or it could mean meeting someone or acquiring something necessary. 

By clicking on the image below, you can check the influence that Mars brings to you, . Please read the text imagining this passion and desire brought by Mars tying together with the 'crush' from Venus.

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The Horoscope Guide to Your Week: Your Fortune from June 5 to June 11.

As previously mentioned, Venus, the star carrying 'crushes', has moved into Leo, kicking off a glamorous week. Stars bring each of us something that has been lost. As the sun strengthens towards the summer solstice, people's fortunes flow powerfully too. Here, let us reveal your fortune from June 5 to June 11, ! Please click on the image.

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Passionate June: What's Your Monthly Astrological Outlook?

In June, Venus and Mars, which bring forth a crush and stir up passion, respectively, will both shine in Leo. This suggests dramatic developments in love and work. Also, in the latter half of June, the retrogression of Saturn, the star of trials, will begin. This retrogression might highlight the new 'trials' that have started since March this year. By boldly taking action in various aspects of your life, this could become a month of great strides promoting personal growth.

Your fortunes for June are discussed in detail here,   .

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