Volume #2, No. 3
February 2011

Spotlight on Alice Carroll, Jewelry & Metalsmithing Extraordinaire!

Warm up - think summer!

Sanctuary Arts is offering a Monhegan Island outdoor painting watercolor intensive with Dewitt Hardy the first week in August, 2011.

Monhegan Island has been an art colony since the mid- 19th century. It has amazing ocean views, with much of it uninhabited but accessible on hiking trails. Quaint and unspoiled, this island is a feast for the eyes.

Dewitt Hardy is delighted to teach this outdoor painting workshop August 1 – 5. Cost is $475 for the class and students will be responsible for their own travel, lodging and meals.

Interested? Call (207) 438-9826 or email us at info@sanctuaryarts.org for more information.

And don't forget to visit the website for our online catalog
of classes for Winter 2011.

If you're thinking warm weather..

This is the time of the year that many people start looking at gardening catalogs and seed catalogs and dream of being able to play in the dirt again.

Sanctuary Arts' Sculpture Garden should be included in your list of things to consider when you're planning your garden for the year.  All pieces on exhibit make our gardens look lovely and can make yours look exquisite as well. 

Cheers! Christopher

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Alice Carroll - Born Into Art

For those of you who haven't yet had the good fortune to take one of Sanctuary

Alice Carroll

Arts' Jewelry & Metalsmithing classes, here is a mini history and song of praise for a “sterling” instructor.

Alice is one of the lucky artists whose family embraced the arts and encouraged her own artistic endeavors. Her grandfather was a painter, taught industrial arts and was a technical director at the Ogunquit Playhouse. Her aunt was an actor on Broadway and later LA; her father a sculptor and scenic artist. Her mother was a set designer, working on many shows in NY and then moved into TV with Saturday Night Live, and finally was the Art Director for NBC's Today show until she retired (Alice and her identical twin spent much of their childhoods backstage). She moved here to help with Alice's 3 sons and is now Curator of The Ogunquit Heritage Museum. Alice credits her mom with guiding and encouraging her to go to Art school.  Alice's sister, a student with a fabulous verbal memory, studied Art History and Historic Preservation and is now the director of the NYC Landmarks Department.

A visual learner and manual problem solver, Alice  attended drawing classes and then art school, majoring in Jewelry and Metalsmithing and studying Printmaking. While struggling with a three Dimensional design class, something clicked and Alice combined her love of metal with jewelry and 3D design. After college, she worked fabricating jewelry at Summer Wind in Portsmouth. Wanting to move beyond working with gold and setting gem stones, and wanting to grow as an artist, she went back to RIT as a graduate student, learning metal techniques to

Alice Carroll

make vessels and larger sculptural pieces. Alice worked with Len Urso and Mark Stanitz and was influenced by Ceramics Professor Rick Hirsh with his philosophies regarding functional and non functional vessels. She met Marvin Jensen, a Penland North Carolina artist  and teacher, who encouraged her to apply for the Penland artist in residence position which she held for two years, learning the ropes in marketing and running a wholesale jewelry business. When her time was up, she came back to Portsmouth  to be with family and friends, running a wholesale jewelry business and making larger- scale metal pieces.

In 1997 she started teaching with Wendy Hammer at Wisteria Tree and then taught at Heartwood College of Art. Seven years ago I was fortunate to be able to coax Alice to teach metalsmithing here at Sanctuary Arts and have been very pleased. I've taken a class or two with Alice and have co-taught with her a couple of times. She has the amazing ability to remain unflappable while communicating her expertise in this very technical field.

Alice Carroll Teaching

Patient and encouraging, Alice teaches both novices and experienced students, with many students returning again and again for the social and technical aspects of a well run classroom. Alice obviously loves teaching, saying that the sounds of students filing and sawing is music to her ears. Seeing students blossom, working with them to accomplish their design objectives is an inspiration as they create pieces she hasn't thought of.

Currently Alice is doing some artistic soul searching, revamping goals and developing a new line of jewelry. Her challenge is designing forms from nature

Alice Carroll Jewelry

while continuing her love of architecture and construction. She wants to keep the simplicity and directness in the construction, along with the added ornamental elements, continuing who she is as an artist, but becoming a little more figurative and a little less abstract in design. She does a lot of custom work, a nice niche for her since she can come up with her own designs for some of her established customers. A mother of 3 boys, she has a separate studio off the back of her house, allowing her to work odd hours and late at night. Her older son is very artistic and often comes to do projects with her in the studio. Continuing in the family tradition, all of her boys love going to museums and her husband is a musician who gives guitar lessons, plays a lot of instruments, and works with bands, playing out frequently. 

I feel fortunate that we have Alice as part of our Sanctuary Arts “Family” and highly recommend her classes.

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