May 2013

    Summertime Favorites


 Shane Chick, whose previous Printmaking class saw such wonderful results, is back teaching this Summer with SA 16, Summer Printmaking Workshop and SA 17 Reduction Woodcut Printmaking Workshop. Above is an image by artist and art historian Charles Cramer made in Shane's Winter class. Shane is also offering his Bentwood Garden Creations Workshop (SA 21) where, with a pair of garden shears and some twine, you can make an arbor, trellis, or bean climber.

Jewelry by Alice Carroll

Alice Carroll, our jewelry and metalsmithing instructor, is back teaching this Summer with two Intro to Jewelry classes (SA 19, A & B). Alice is everyone's favorite instructor, as students return again and again to work under her expert tutelage.

"Summit" by Antoinette Schultze

Antoinette Prien Schultze offers her wonderful Soft Stone Carving (SA 18) class again at her own Eliot studio where she carves her enormous granite sculptures. I have been carving one piece forever under her guidance and love the peaceful setting, her extensive carving knowledge, and the camaraderie of the tap-tap-tap of everyone's chisels as we find our unique pieces in beautiful stone.

Take a look at Green Foundry's new website-

Sculpture in Progress

Above is a sculpture in progress by Darren Byers and
Fred Harrison to go to a Halifax Nova Scotia waterfront. Got any iron radiators? We need them for our iron pour Open House benefit in July. Call (207) 475-6669 if you have any.

"Voyager" by Christopher Gowell

Come see this sculpture at the Ogunquit Art Association show which opens May 25th. (







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"Study of Roses" by Carol Ann Morley

I want to remind potential students of the caliber of the instructors who have been the mainstay of art instruction here at Sanctuary Arts. Carol Ann Morley has been teaching here for many years as a Botanical Illustrator and a Basic Drawing and Sketching instructor. In the classes I've taken with Carol, I learned more in a few weeks than I ever did in all of the drawing classes I took in my college career- and I attended three universities in pursuit of my MFA degree. She does not assume anything, is able to instruct in a way that grounds a student in the real basics. She is an excellent color theory instructor as well as draftsman. I wish I had time to absorb more of her expertise. Carol was thoroughly trained in the British art school system and her ability to communicate her knowledge is a real gift to her students. (Carol is teaching SA 3, Sketching on Location and SA 5, Drawing in the Garden)


"Short Term Effect" by Sean Beavers

Sean Beavers is another stellar teacher. This Summer he is teaching his usual
En Plein Air Landscape Painting Workshop (SA 1) for a week, June 10 – 14 from 10 – 3 daily. He demonstrates techniques in the mornings and then takes students on site in the afternoons. His logical, reasoned approach to the spontaneity of fresh air painting takes the panic out of approaching a new vista with changeable weather and light conditions. He specifically addresses on site painting issues- how to paint water, reflections, trees, skies, and atmospheric perspective. He critiques each student a their own level. I appreciate his kindness and his ability to push students beyond their comfort level to explore new ideas and techniques.


"Marginal Way" by Dewitt Hardy

Dewitt Hardy offers Watercolor Landscape: Painting Sea & Sky (SA 2) for six consecutive days June 17 – 22, 1 – 4. Dewitt has also been a long term teacher here and is an excellent step-by-step teacher. He makes sure everyone goes through a refresher demo on watercolor techniques and demonstrates specific techniques for skies and water. He is another instructor, like Carol and Sean, who students follow for years as they learn professional practices.

                                 Dustan Knight offers SA 4, Outside/Inside; Water Media. 

"Berry Brook" by Dustan Knight
and SA 13, Easy Acrylic. Dustan has a spontaneous, carefree approach to art making and is not afraid to experiment. Her own work veers wildly between representation and abstraction. She encourages her students to be creative and playful. She has a vast knowledge of art history and can readily help students find their own voice through experimentation and the acquisition of technical knowledge.


Norma Machado, our excellent pastel instructor, teaches 2 one day workshops,

"Shoreline" by Norma Machado

SA 7, Essentially Pastel, Rivers, Beaches & the Open Sea and SA 8, Pastel- Plein Air at Green Art. The first is a diversified workshop of nature's waterways and the open sea. The second takes place at Thomas Berger's Green Art in Kittery. Miniature gardens filled with dwarf and alpine plants, enhanced by stone sculptures, and natural woodland settings with small animals housed nearby are the settings for students to learn to create a mood, establish a sense of place, create a point of interest, and re-adjust the elements to communicate a message to the potential viewer. Norma teaches through demonstrations and lots of one-on-one time with each student. And Green Art is a verdant sanctuary to inspire visual pleasure.

Alan Ammann, newer to Sanctuary Arts, offers 3 oil painting classes.

"Sunflowers & Pears" by Alan Ammann

Basic Oil Painting (SA 10) is for those who want to learn to paint in a traditionalist, realist manner and develop an efficient, painterly attitude towards the canvas that emphasizes gesture and paint quality.Floral Still Life in Oil (SA 11) will teach a painter to capture quickly and confidently the gesture, mass, and light of the arrangement. Students will learn to discern subtle effects of light and translucency to create spontaneous and vivid floral still lifes. And his Portrait Painting in Oil (SA 12) is a class Alan has taught here a couple of times before, with great success. Beginning with creating monochromatic oil-on-canvas drawing with a live model, students progress to fully realized, colorful portraits as they explore the ways light and shadow define the contours of a face.
























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