Volume #2, No. 7
July 2011


Introducing Taf Schaefer

The top selling designer at Steuben Glass for 14 years, Taf Schaefer explored the sculptural aspects of form, combining her love of nature and animal life. Abstract forms play a strong role in her work as a means of conveying movement, tension or tranquility, and to capture and reflect light. Her experience and ability as a sculptor have given her a talent for capturing the essence of an animal within a stylized and abstract form. Schaefer earned her BFA fromRISD. Her work is included in the permanent collectionof the CC Museum of Fine Arts and the Corning Museum of Glass. We are delighted to welcome Taf to our teaching staff with her WAX CARVING FOR JEWELRY OR SMALL SCULPTURE (SA 29).

"Gorilla" by Taf Schaefer

Rebecca Q. Yankes returns to teach her new NATURAL SCIENCE ILLUSTRATION (SA 16), a technique and critique course and THE SKETCHBOOK (SA 17), for those who want to gain motivation and build sketchbook habits.

"Baltimore Oriole" by Rebecca Q. Yankes
"Puppies" by Jennifer Field
Wool felting is such a wonderful sculptural medium! Come try this colorful, very satisfying, relatively uncomplicated way to sculpt. FELTED PETS  (SA 28)

Bowersock Gallery, International Fine Art Show in Boston
Above are 4 of Christopher Gowell's (Director of Sanctuary Arts) sculptures featured in the Bowersock Gallery booth at the beginning of this month


Above are two images from the fabulous Halloween Iron Pour at the Steel Yard in Providence RI. Green Foundry proprietors Josh & Lauren Dow are two of the original founders of the performance iron pouring art guild, the Iron Guild, begun in their college days at Mass Art.

Sanctuary Arts
117 Bolt Hill Road
Eliot, ME 03903
(207) 438-9826

"Early Spring" by ShiaoPing Wang

Lots of “New Stuff” to inspire, confound, and generally shake out those Winter doldrums!

"Madonna Man Sketch" by Katy Baucke

In this new season of awesome classes, I try to keep the tried and true cadre of reliably excellent offerings and spice things up with the excitement of new topics and teachers. This Winter season encompasses a wide range of artistic endeavors.

 I began this school with a thirst for acquiring the technical skills my many years of schooling in the late 60's denied me. Now I am interested in new technologies and in the quest for meaning and creativity as evidenced in some of this season's classes. Three Graces Gallery owner Kim Ferreira, who has created both my personal website and the Sanctuary Arts website, has agreed to teach ADOBE PHOTOSHOP; The Basics (SA 22). Because I have been learning to paint in classes in Sean Beavers' REPRESENTATIONAL OIL PAINTING (SA 15), and have been using a combination of my own photographs and generic images from the internet, I want to learn how to combine them in a way that allows me to try a variety of compositions, values, and color schemes instead of laboriously laying out everything by hand. The ability to edit, manipulate, and “paint” before applying paint to canvas seems rather magical to me. Portsmouth artist Katy Baucke is offering IPAD FOR ARTISTS (SA 22). I've recently acquired one, and realize I need some real guidance in ways to apply the apps to my own work. If you are not a real techie, like me, this may be the class that unlocks a new technological tool for your creative use.

Katy Baucke is also offering a class titled THE ALCHEMY OF ART (SA 3), a multi-media class that will

"Lisa" by Alan Ammann

inspire and inform your creative muse in relation to contemporary issues viewed through the lens of great and timeless art. Katy has always kept a journal and sketchbook filled with ideas, reads voraciously about contemporary art issues and will be an insightful guide for artists looking to develop a personal voice. Alan Ammann, whose PORTRAIT PAINTING (SA 2)class has been given rave reviews, will be teaching a new class called PAINT LAB (SA1). His is a thoughtful and provocative voice to help guide you along the quest for personal vision coupled with technical mastery.

Also of note, ShiaoPing Wang, besides her informative COLOR IN PAINTING (SA 12) class, is offering, for the first time, CHINESE INK PAINTING (SA 13), exploring the tonality and mark making of traditional Chinese painting, with subtle hints of watercolor. Dustan Knight, beside her ever-popular watercolor classes - CREATIVE WATERCOLOR (SA 9), INSIDE/OUTSIDE (SA 10), and BIG LOOSE & EASY WATERCLOR FLORALS (SA 20) offers a BOSTON MUSEUM OF FINE ART FIELD TRIP (SA 21). Both artist and Art History professor, Dustan shows you how to really look at art from the artist's point of view. Shane Chick offers a three session WOODBLOCK CARD MAKING WORKSHOP (SA 7). Learn the art of designing, carving, and printing from woodblocks and end up with gorgeous handmade cards.

"Blue Lobster" by Shane Chick

"Cardinals" by Jennifer Field




In the three dimensional world, Taf Schaefer, former Steuben glass designer, offers WAX CARVING FOR JEWELRY OR SMALL SCULPTURE (SA 29). Exploring three types of jeweler's wax, students will learn the dynamics of carving, safe and creative use of tools, surface texture and finishing techniques. Jennifer Field, besides her GLASS BEADMAKING (SA 24), FELTED JEWERY & FLOWERS (SA 26), and FELTED BIRDS (SA 27), offers FELTED PETS (SA 28) for you to create a miniature likeness of your favorite dog, cat or ? in the wonderful sculptural medium of wool felt.

Note: The Winter 2013 brochure and website will be available around December 10.


















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