Volume #2, No. 7
July 2011





birthday balloons
Birthday Balloons

Weekend Rentals

 We occasionally rent out the Sanctuary on weekends for music events or birthday parties and sometimes we have “Fun”raisers ourselves, and even a wedding.


Gary Sredzienski & Accordion

  All the musicians who've played here over the years have raved about the wonderful acoustics. Voices and instruments don't need to be miked much, if at all. If you are interested in holding an event in a re-purposed church/ fabulous art school, give us a call. (207) 438-9826



Beau Borrero Playing at his CD Release Party




Sanctuary Arts
117 Bolt Hill Road
Eliot, ME 03903
(207) 438-9826



Botanical Drawing Class

So many folks have told me they aren't advanced enough for classes here at Sanctuary Arts, which is not true! Most of these classes are designed for beginners. Please don't count yourselves out because you have littleor no experience. Teachers actually like to introduce students to their own techniques and often students without much experience can be easier to teach since they have fewer preconceptions about exactly how to approach a new subject. While it is true that there are folks in classes who are refreshing their skills or who love to keep coming back to study with particular instructors, these classes are specifically designed so beginners will not feel intimidated or even humiliated because they do not already know how to do the process they are paying to learn. I had enough of that in the colleges and universities I attended. I also had enough of paying for classes where the instructor showed up for       just a few minutes of each class.


Botanical Drawing Instructor Carol Morley & Sondra

Here teachers are always available to help and instruct. At Sanctuary Arts you get excellent value for your hard earned dollars. We have had so many students in the years since 1999 when this school was started who have gone on to become professional artists, showing in galleries and selling their work. Students have come to prepare their portfolios for applications to accredited art schools, to enrich their lives after retirement, and to add some frivolity to their working lives or study in depth a topic that  fascinates them. The instructors here are professionals in their fields, fully immersed in the            subjects they are teaching.It's not too late to sign up! Visit our website- www.sanctuaryarts.org. 



                                                    "Oil Painting Boot Camp" Instructor Gail Sauter